Nick Starsky

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Name: Nicholas Marvin Starsky
Relationships: brother of David Starsky
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Other: Played by actor John Herzfeld IMDB
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Nick Starsky is David Starsky's younger brother on Starsky & Hutch, appearing in the episode "Starsky's Brother."

Some Brief Canon Facts

  • David Starsky's only brother
  • often referred to as "Nicky"
  • is left-handed
  • shared a room with his brother growing up in New York
  • skilled at pool and dancing
  • got himself mixed up with shady characters in New York, something that carried over in the single episode in which he appears


Nick seems close to his brother but also harbors resentment toward him for moving away (even at one point declaring 'You were never there for me!"), so the two share a conflicted relationship. He gets along with Dobey and Hutch.

Nick in Fanworks

Nick is non-existent in fanart but plays a fairly prominent role in fiction.

He is often portrayed in a negative light, something that reflects his criminal missteps shown in the episode "Starsky's Brother." Nick's involvement with illegal characters and dealings range from immature and selfish petty calculations to more active law-breaking and out-and-out evils.

Fiction often has Nick in trouble, creating situations where his brother, Starsky, has to go to his rescue. This creates scenarios where Starsky is able to: go back to New York, interact with his mother, learn more about his father, test the bond between himself and Hutch (always choosing Hutch, of course), and explore the reasons why he became a cop.

Fans often suggest that Nick is the man Starsky may have become if Starsky hadn't become a cop.

Some Example Fanworks