Diana Harmon

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Name: Diana Harmon
Occupation: nurse
Relationships: short sexual romp with Hutch
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
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Diana Harmon is the nurse at the hospital who treats Hutch for a minor injury. During this short interaction, she becomes infatuated. She follows him and Starsky to a bar and pretends to run into them by accident. Hutch asks her out, and they sleep together. For Hutch, the sex is casual, but it fuels Diana's obsession. She begins to harass and stalk Hutch. When he breaks off their relationship, she trashes his apartment. Later, she sneaks into his place while he is in the shower and tries to kill him with a big knife. Diana is arrested and presumably put into a mental institution.

A Few Facts About the Canon Diana

  • she has been a nurse in other cities
  • she has some steaks in the freezer
  • she got to see Hutch's naked butt at the hospital when she gave him an injection

The Fanon Diana

Diana is almost always portrayed as being newly released, or having just escaped, from the mental institution. She returns to cause much more harm to Starsky and Hutch, leading to copious amounts of hurt/comfort. She seems to appear in more gen than slash stories.

Many fans feel that, in the show, Starsky did not take his partner's concerns about Diana's mental instability seriously enough and much fiction has been written to fix this problem.

Some Diana Fics

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Some Diana Art

It is non-existent.