It's Love, Cap'n

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Title: It's Love, Cap'n
Publisher: Extortion Press
Editor(s): MRK
Date(s): 1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
Language: English
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It's Love, Cap'n is a slash Starsky and Hutch fanzine. It has 194 pages and the subtitle, "A Starsky/Hutch Xene," (a note on the title page says this is a play on words for tranxene, an anti-panic medication.)

The editor thanks some fans: "First the artists: Yvonne Beever, Clio, Suzan Lovett, Joye Fokken, Baravan, and Shelly Godwin. And the authors.... And my dear friends, in alphabetical order: Jeanne Gabonay, [Trish], Elizabeth Lowry, Linda McGee, Mona Sechrest. And deserving special gratitude and special mention is my priceless friend, April Valentine. And finally, Patricia L. Schnell, my partner and my love."

The zine is dedicated to the memory of a fan, Pat Charles.

From the In Person Press website: "published originally by MRK. Contains sequels to two stories in Nightlight 1. Also contains "The Hostage Heart" by April Valentine -- a story of Hutch's family in which Starsky learns that the Hutchinson family was not a happy one." (note: these sequels are actually from Nightlight #2.)

The editor writes: "The print run of this zine was 100. When they're gone, they're gone -- there will be no more reprints. If you're reading a borrowed copy, and you want your own, you have my blessing to take it to your friendly neighborhood copy center and make your own. Enjoy!"

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Reactions and Reviews

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[zine]: This terrific anthology zine is a captivating read from start to finish. It's got the incredible "Descry" in by Elizabeth Lowry. It's got some terrific fic by Constance Collins. It's got some very pointed, clever cartoons to make a slasher grin. It's got the absolutely amazing story by Martha, "The Hostage Heart" a story that will blow you away. [2]
[zine]: I'm still peeved at IT'S LOVE, CAP'N, for padding itself with, among other things, over eleven pages of LIFE IN HELL cartoons, which funny as they are aren't S/H, and all of which I had already in the books the editor reprinted them from. [3]


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