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Name: Cody Nelson
Type: fanzine publisher, fan writer, fan fiction archivist, vidder
Fandoms: X-Files, Wiseguy, Miami Vice, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Lord of the Rings, Blake's 7
Other: XFSM (founder and archivist 1998-2001)
URL: (Rat and Fox)
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Cody Nelson is a slash fan fiction writer, vidder and fanzine publisher. She also maintained E-Mail X-Creative, an X-Files fan fiction mailing list in the late 1990s. Her fan fiction has won numerous awards. She has also illustrated a few of her fanzines.


"I posted my first piece of fanfiction, the X-Files case story “Voices,” in the fall of 1994. My first slash story was the Wiseguy/Miami Vice crossover, “Down the Rabbit Hole.” I’ve forgotten exactly when it was written, but it was sometime in the first half of 1995—before the end of the X-Files‘ second season, when I succumbed to the charms of Alex Krycek and began a long stint as a Mulder/Krycek writer.
My second big fandom was Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the series. My favorite pairings in these shows were Buffy/Spike and Angel/Lindsey. My urge to write in these fandoms was short-lived, though, lasting only through Buffy’s fifth season and Angel’s second.
From there, I spent a very short time in Lord of the Rings fandom before moving on to my next big obsession, Yu-Gi-Oh! Favorite pairing here was Yugi/Jounouchi (aka Joey), although I also wrote an awful lot about Kaiba.


cover art by Cody for her zine The Best Lies


  • 1. Love Will Tear Us Apart
  • 2. Don't Give Up
  • 3. You're Not Evil
  • 4. A Fine Romance
  • 5. The Way That It Shows -
  • 6. I'll Be There For You (Theme from FRIENDS)