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Title: Angelfood
Publisher: Maverick Press
Editor(s): Jo Ann McCoy
Date(s): 2002
Medium: print
Size: 186 pages
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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the front cover's artist was Randym
inside page, Pat

Angelfood is a slash 186-page Blake's 7 anthology with a color cover. It is a tribute zine for Pat Jacquerie and premiered at Eclecticon 2002.

It was the winner of a 2003 FanQ.

The art is by Cody Nelson, Leah Rosenthal and Randym.

"21 percent of the stories in Angelfood are archived on the web. Details may be found in the Table of Contents." This refers to stories that were "archived, in whole or in part, in unedited for at" and "previously posted to the unarchived adult B7 mail list."

The zine explains that "angel food" is a pilot, a gay man in the Air Force.


From the publisher's online flyer: "Angelfood is in memory of fan writer and editor Pat Jacquerie, who had planned to produce an Avon/Tarrant zine herself if illness hadn't intervened. She chose the title, Angelfood--which is gay slang for a pilot--because it tied in nicely with Tarrant's vocation.

Angelfood contains a mix of new stories and stories that are archived on the web (21% of the zine is archived at All of the stories that are archived have been edited and revised for the zine. The stories are mostly A/T; they were all chosen because we felt they would appeal to Pat's tastes.

We also included some of Pat's own stories, which are a mix of somber and humorous, short and long. Those stories showcase the impressive range of her writing talent. [1]

The Zine's Editorial

The zine you're holding is the culmination of an idea first put forth by that exemplary fan, writer, editor, and friend, Pat Jacquerie. Before she became ill several years ago, Pat began making preliminary plans to produce a zine featuring her favorite Blake's 7 slash pairing, Avon/Tarrant. She decided to title the zine Angelfood, basing the name on a definition very like the one above, which tied in nicely with Tarrant's vocation as a space pilot.

Unfortunately, Pat became ill shortly thereafter and was unable to complete the project. After her untimely passing, a group of her friends began fumbling about for a way to memorialize Pat and her indomitable spirit. When the possibility was put forth that perhaps we could finish Angelfood for her, it was adopted with great enthusiasm. Pat loved fanfiction and the writing process-what better way to honor her memory than to produce a zine of which she'd be proud?

Angelfood contains not only a couple of completely new stories, but also web-archived stories and ones that have appeared on electronic mailing lists and in the low-circulation print Tarrant APA, On the Wing. All of the stories that are archived or have previously appeared elsewhere have been edited and revised for Angelfood. Our goal was to assemble a collection of fiction from various authors that we felt would appeal to Pat's tastes, and we like to think that we've succeeded.

We also included some of Pat's own stories, several of which we hope will be new to you. There are somber stories and humorous ones, including vignettes; epilogues to other stories; a Christmas in Pat's own Fargone universe; and a serious story—alas, unfinished-that we felt deserved to be shared with her readers. If this is the first time you've read Pat's fiction, you're in for a treat. If you're already one of her fans, you know you'll be reading some elegantly crafted, involving stories. We hope Angelfood will inspire readers to seek out more of Pat's fiction, both in the many zines she contributed to and produced, and at her two online fiction sites at "Pat's Fanfic Page" on the main site and "Pat's Place" in the "Forbidden Zone."

Several stories in Angelfood are sequels or epilogues to works published in other zines, notably in Southern Seven, Southern Comfort, and Dark Fantasies. The story and zine titles and contact information are noted on the stories themselves, but we'll repeat the contact information here for your convenience: Dark Fantasies zines are available from Maverick Press, c/o Jo Ann McCoy [address redacted] or via the web through Southern Seven and Southern Comfort zines are available from Ashton Press [address redacted], or via the web at

Please do send us feedback! Letters of comment by regular mail may be sent to Maverick Press at the address noted above. Electronic letters of comment may be sent to [email protected].

Bringing Angelfood to life was a long process involving many people. Thanks, first of all, to the contributors, who gave us permission to reprint their stories and art (and, in the case of the authors, agreed to go through the editing process). Thanks, also to the authors and artists who labored mightily to produce new works especially for this zine, Thanks to the proofreaders, Cody Nelson, Jenner, and Jiltanith, whose sharp eyes helped us to avoid many typos and other errors. Thanks to Aurora, for giving us the nod to reprint Pat's stories and for suggesting a few others that we'd overlooked. Thanks to all of Pat's friends who contributed their thoughts to the "In Memoriam" section. Thank you to Annie Wortham and Leah Rosenthal for allowing us to reprint Leah's hilarious cartoon. And many thanks to Jo Ann McCoy of Maverick Press, for being crazy enough to... er, being kind enough to agree to format and publish Angelfood for us, and for lending us the wisdom gleaned from years of experience in the world of zine publishing.

Biggest thanks of all, though, must go to Pat Jacquerie. She has been our inspiration the entire way. Pat, we hope you like what we came up with!

The Angelfood Committee Members: Alison, Cami, Lexa Reiss/Brooke Barker, Oliver Klosov, Randym, Rhapsodie, Sarah T., Susan Cutter.


  • Title Page (1)
  • Editorial (ii)
  • Table of Contents (iii)
  • In Memoriam (iv)
  • Noel by Pat Jacquerie (a sequel to Duty and Survival) (1)
  • Game Night by Susan Cutter (4)
  • Female of the Species by Jenner (9)
  • Trust, a drabble by Oliver Klosov (10)
  • The Good Stuff by Pat Jacquerie ("In the beginning there was a Which Way round robin on the Space City mailing list, a story of myriad twisting plot lines. One thread followed Avon and Tarrant vying for dominance, and over its course also involved Vila, Dayna, and Soolin in scheming ploys and counterploys before being brought to a magnificent conclusion by Pat Jacquerie. The setting is a hotel room. Tarrant has been handcuffed to the bed, naked, facedown. An equally naked Avon is lying beside him, not handcuffed. How they reached this situation is irrelevant to the enjoyment of the conclusion, so we cut directly to what Pat herself liked to refer to as "The Good Stuff".") (11)
  • Null G by Cody Nelson (14)
  • Fleeting Visions: Coda by Pat Jacquerie (sequel to "Fleeting Visions" in Southern Seven #10) (21)
  • ...And What Happened After by Manna
    • Warm (23)
    • Cold (33)
    • After the Fire (39)
  • Solitaire by Manna (49)
  • Last Tango on Eccentrico by Aurora (written for On the Wing #25) (92)
  • Epilogue to 'Blood and Shadows' by Cami (94)
  • Epilogue to the Epilogue to 'Blood and Shadows' by Pat Jacquerie ("Blood and Shadows" was published in Dark Fantasies #2) (97)
  • Norwegian Wood by Hafren (98)
  • Where Danger Lies by Cami ("Where Danger Lies" and the following story, "Revenge," "are two linked stories ... that take place in the Hotel Smut universe that was created on the adult Blake's 7 mailing list "Space City." Members of the list wrote PWP (Plot, What Plot?) stories that were set in a hotel where time and space were reconfigured to allow for any characters from B7 to meet and have sex.)"(101)
  • Revenge by Pat Jacquerie (104)
  • Strict Rotation by Hera (106)
  • Cartoon by Leah Rosenthal (reprinted from Southern Comfort #8.5) (109)
  • The Power of the Dog by Pat Jacquerie ("Pat was writing "Power of the Dog" when she became ill. She continued to work on it as her energy allowed, however she was unable to finish. Over that time, though, Pat frequently discussed the plot with her writing circle, and she left notes and a few roughed-out scenes for what was to follow. Two of her friends, Erika Bloom and Lexa Reiss, have written a summary of the intended conclusion whiech we append here. Perhaps one day they will expand it to fully finish the story. Despite being incomplete, "The Power of the Dog," is so striking we think her fans will be glad of the chance to read it.") (110)
  • The Lovers, a poem by Pat Jacquerie (reprinted from Zen and the Art of Rebellion #1) (123)
  • Agents of Light by Corona Polvanthus & Lexa Reiss (A sequel to "Instruments of Darkness" in Dark Fantasies #3) (124)


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