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Name: Hafren
Alias(es): Hafren River
Type: author, reviewer, reccer
Fandoms: Blake's 7, historical RPF, Hornblower & some other Age of Sail
Communities: Space City/Freedom City
URL: AO3; Hafren's Gloomy Patch of the Forest; LJ
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Hafren is a fan author active since the late 1990s, predominantly in the Blake's 7 fandom. She is also interested in some Age of Sail fandoms, and explains her interests as including reading, especially poetry and history, ancient TV shows (Blakes 7, Open All Hours, Bagpuss, Nightingales....) and beautiful young men, but only from a distance because I'm far too old for them.[1] Snowgrouse describes her as one of the most talented and brilliant writers in B7 fandom.[2]

Many of Hafren's B7 stories have been recommended on Crack Van. Her fanfiction tends to vignettes, although she has written longer pieces. It is unusual in often incorporating supernatural elements or references to fairy tales, despite the sf nature of the source. The style is simple and lyrical, the tone often bittersweet or angsty. She writes gen, slash and occasional femslash, with common pairings including Blake/Avon and Avon/Vila. Some of her works highlight minor characters from canon, such as Deeta Tarrant & Vinni from "Death-Watch".

Her stories are archived at Archive of Our Own and her personal website, Hafren's Gloomy Patch of the Forest (formerly hosted by GeoCities). Many of them first appeared on the Freedom City list. Several were published in printzines, including Angelfood, Dead Boyfriend of the Week, various issues of Fire and Ice, No Holds Barred 26, various issues of Tales from Space City and TTBA.

Hafren is also known for her generous & insightful zine reviews and fanfiction recommendations.

Example Fanfiction

Blake's 7

Other Fandoms