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Name: Vila Restal
Fandom: Blake's 7
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front cover by Phoenix: "Look at that face. That is an adorable Vila. He just bought you drinks (with the wallet he stole from you,) and is proceeding to charm the pants off of you to boot. You’ll wake up the next day missing all your valuables, and you won’t even care, because he’ll have stolen your heart as well." -- [1]

Vila Restal is character in Blake's 7.

A popular Vila-centric episode that is an unlimited source of angst is "Post Orbit."

Some fans found Vila to be a lazy, sneaky, whining alcoholic. Others found him appealing because of his resourcefulness and his sense of humor.

From a fan in 1993:

Coward, hero, hapless victim, shrewd manipulator, master thief, master clown -- all these terms could be accurately applied to the character of Vila Restal, and examples could be found in the series to support each description. And that's what I have always found so fascinating about Vila. Like Blake and Avon, he's a complex puzzle.

We are fed little bits of information here and there about the character as the series progresses, beginning with his rather frightening first appearance in a transit cell in The Way Back ("I've had my head adjusted by some of the best in the business- it just won't stay adjusted"), through his manipulation of his crewmates in Star Drive, and right on up to his disarming behavior in Blake. While it might be difficult to reconcile all his actions throughout the series, it's a heckuva lot of fun trying. [2]

Authors that are fans of Vila include Kathy Hintze, Leah Rosenthal, Vilakins, Van Donovan, babel, Jaelijn.

Fan Reactions

Poor Vila, he was horribly underrated in the zine era. You’d think a fandom about an anti-facist revolutionary cell wouldn’t uncritically adopt a caste system like it was going out of fashion, but apparently not. I had this whole theory at one point about how he was the moral fulcrum of the show because everyone’s readiness to treat him like garbage is the human face of their total ineptitude as revolutionaries (their tendency to deconstruct the master’s dome using his tools, to use your phrasology) and how B/A PGPs that write him out therefore tend to collapse structurally because they’ve missed the whole point of the show. Except I don’t think the writers realized that was the point of the show, but then, that’s sort of the beauty of Blake’s 7, isn’t it? [3]


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