Vila, Please!

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Title: Vila, Please!
Publisher: 4M Press
Editor(s): Marnie
Date(s): May 1989 (second printing)
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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cover by Linda Evans

Vila, Please! is a slash and adult het anthology. Its focus was to pair Vila, story by story, with all the other main characters. Linda Evans is the front cover artist. The first edition contains 106 pages, and due to a larger type-face, the second printing contains 150 pages.

It has a sister zine called Avon, Anyone?.



  • Miranda Morgan, "Uneasy Lover" (V/oc) (Vila, pre-series, works as a prostitute.)
  • Jane Carnall, "Heart's Desire" (A/V) (On shore leave, Avon and Vila both visit an establishment that promises to give them their hearts' desire.)
  • Linda Evans, "Tala" (V/oc) (Vila's rescue of a Great Dane)
  • Linda Evans, "When the Bough Breaks" (V/oc) (Vila's rescue of a Great Dane)
  • Morgan L. Faye, "Slight Recalibration" (A/V)
  • Anais, "Halcyon Interlude" (J/V)
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  • Anais, "Last Customer" (Ta/V) (Tarrant's held prisoner in a brothel, and Vila comes to buy him.)
  • Mal O'Dar, "Spacer's Holiday" (V/oc)
  • Pacer McCoy, "In It for the Fun" (V/Anna) (Vila meets with a new fence who isn't quite what she seems... )
  • Mal O'Dar, "Duck the Blows" (G/V) (Gan, right before "Pressure Point," wonders about the wisdom of staying with Blake.)
  • Anais, "Carpe Dayna" (D/V)
  • Marnie, "A Friend in Need" (V/Doran, A/V) (vignette, no sex)
  • Maren, "The Amdian Adventure" (A/V) (Avon has to pretend to be Vila's servant/lover)
  • Madelyn Darring, "Sisters of the Moon" (V/oc, D/oc, C/V)
  • Cleveland Hiatt, "Dream Destiny" (A/oc, A/V) (The crew takes shore leave on a planet run by a recreation computer that has gone wrong.)
  • Quale, Ingrid Montrose, & Julie Kramer, "Hanging by a Thread" (A/V)
  • Mal O'Dar, "I Should've Known Better" (C/V) (Vila catches a very strange disease.... smut ensues.)
  • Mal O'Dar, "The Power of Suggestion" (So/V) (Soolin tries to seduce Avon by means of an aphrodisiac and winds up in bed with Vila instead.)
  • Mal O'Dar, "Someone to Lean On" (B-V)


  • Melodye, "Idle Thoughts" (f, Daydream Believer; A/V)
  • Ty Downs, "Special" (A/V)
  • Kathy K., "Slash" (filk, Puff the Magic Dragon)
  • Mal O'Dar, "Perhaps" (?/?)
  • Melodye, "Barely Man Enough" (gen, V)
  • Mal O'Dar, "Last View" (?)
  • Mal O'Dar, "You in Forever" (?)
  • Mal O'Dar, "End of Despair, Promise of Future" (?)
  • Mal O'Dar, "Ellipsis" (G/V)
  • Linda Evans, "Promise Me" (V/?)


  • Linda Evans (front cover)

Reactions and Reviews

[yonmei]: It's a tradition in fandom: no one names names. You learn by getting burned. I got wary of strange zine publishers way back when (um, 1986) when I sent a story ("Heart's Desire") off to 4-M Press, who were trawling for B7 fluff. It got published in Vila Please! and I have no problems with the quality of editing it received (none, but none is better than bad). What I did have a problem with was that editor (fan name Marnie) never bothered to tell me she'd accepted my story, and never bothered to send me a tribber's copy until - since I'd heard through two people who'd bought the zine and who wrote to tell me they liked my story - I wrote to her (twice) to ask her what was happening. Then she sent me a copy from the second print run. I suspect that if I hadn't known people in US fandom who were buying the zine and who told me I had a story in it, I'd never have got that tribber's copy. Resolved never to deal with Marnie again, and never again to just assume that all fannish zine editors would deal with me honourably, regardless of distance. (Admittedly, Marnie proved an exception: I've only ever had problems with two other fans, and both times were because the fan in question was having RL problems, not because of any intentional dishonesty.) [1]

[from a fan culling her zines]:

Must-gos: Velvet and Thorns, Vila, Please, The Void Aflame Like a Bonfire. Unfortunately, only one of them is an original I can sell. The other two will make nice recycling. If only I had a fireplace. Actually...Vila, Please has one story I quite liked even though it lacks the essential ingredient (Blake) -- "In It for the Fun" by Pacer McCoy. The rest require a much greater affection for Vila than I have (I like him but that's it). The other two zines are Avon-worshiping tripe IMHO, FWIW, YMMV. [2]


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  2. from Rallying Call #14 (1995)