Eleventh Sector

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Title: Eleventh Sector
Publisher: Permanent Press, in association with Star One-- The Bay Area Blake's 7/British Media Club (Los Gatos, CA)
Editor(s): Diana Dougherty and Jamie Nickel
Date(s): 1988-1989
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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cover of issue #1

Eleventh Sector is a gen Blake's 7 anthology with two issues.

Reactions and Reviews

I've had #2 of this zine for a while. Last year I saw one used copy of #1 at MediaWest, passed it up because it was overpriced, and then worried all year over whether I would ever see another one! This year, when I saw a copy at $8, I snapped it up-- only to find another in equally good condition for $3, and several more at $5. In other words, last year's scarce zine was all over the place this year. So it goes! You just never know what you'll find when you shop for used zines.

1, as it turns out, is not particularly memorable. Any story by Sheila Paulson is well worth reading, but this is not, IMO, one of her best. "The Woman Behind the Man," about Travis's wife, and "Pressure," told from Soolin's POV, are mildly interesting. #2 is much better, with at least two stories that have been reprinted elsewhere. The editorial in #2 indicated that the editors were planning a third issue, but as far as I know it was never published.

Both zines are very nicely produced, with clear, attractive layouts. [1]

Issue 1

Eleventh Sector 1 was published in 1988 and contains 58 pages.

back cover of issue #1

Art by Shann (front cover), Scott Vice, Sheila Paulson, and Kathy Canciamilla.

  • Editor's Sector, editorial (2)
  • Sherri Nix, "The Woman Behind the Man," fiction (3)
  • Joni Gillespie, "Deja Vu," fiction (10)
  • Sheila Paulson, "Only the Dead Can Be Forgiven," fiction (13)
  • Margaret Walsh, "Box of Tricks," fiction (23)
  • Debbie Jones, "The Resignation," fiction (The Prisoner crossover, parts one and two) (27)
  • Lisa Powell, "Pressure," fiction (31)
  • Sherri Nix, "End Game," fiction (37)
  • Linda Harriman, "Promises to Keep," fiction (54)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Eleventh Sector 2 was published in 1989 and contains 95 pages.

  • Sherri L. Nix, :...And Then He Saw the Stars"
  • Laura Wynne, "Fleeting Remembrances"
  • Julie Shook, "Meetings"
  • Joseph Medina, "Hunt"
  • Margaret Walsh, "Shape-shifter, or, A Melodrama in Space"
  • Diana Dougherty, "Perceptions"
  • Jean B. Hubb, "Alarms and Excursions" (later reprinted in Rebel Destinies #1)
  • Laura Wynne, "Adversity"
  • Julie Shook, "The Cavern"
  • Catharine Dunham, "That Touch of Minx
  • Sandra J. Lyons, "Rebel, Rebel"
  • Irene Stubbs, "Fugue"
  • Adrian Morgan & Brendan O'Cullane, "Legend" (later reprinted in Double Vision)


  • Jamie Nickel and Diana Dougherty, editorial
  • "They Knew Not of Whom They Spoke" (quotations)
  • PD interview question and answer
  • "Before Blake... there was Who." (Doctor Who quotations)
  • Star One club ad


  • Shann (front cover)
  • Alta Dougherty
  • Kathy Canciamilla
  • Samantha Hayman
  • Jordan Molle
  • Adrian Morgan


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