Comfort (Blake's 7 story by M.C.)

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Title: Comfort
Author(s): the two stories were by M.C. K.F., and the last three stories solely by M.C.
Date(s): 1983-1984
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Comfort is a slash Blake's 7 series of stories. The first two are by M.C. and K.F. and the last three are solely by M.C.

It was published in five parts in three issues of the first Blake's 7 all-slash fiction zine, E-Man-Uelle between 1983 and 1984. These five parts were gathered and published together in an E-Man-U-Elle Special Issue at an unknown date.

This story is perhaps the first mpreg in media fanfic.

The pairing is Avon/Vila.

Fan Comments


Part II of "Comfort. Full of daring little scenes such as Avon slapping Vila's stomach while Tarrant is sitting on the bed with then. If it were possible, I'd say it had gone down hill since part I. In short, it's boring. [1]
Part III of "Comfort" is set post-"Blake". No real explanation (apart from some mumbling about a clone) is given as to how all of them except Soolin survived, nor how the real Blake came riding to the rescue just in time, you're supposed to enjoy the slush and forget the fact that it's almost the worst-written story I have ever read. Oh yes - and Vila gets raped and Avon doesn't and one can hardly suppress a yawn. [2]
Part IV of "Comfort", or "The Sounds of Silence". A better alternative title might have been "Let's Feminise Vila". Back on Earth and the revolution is accomplished in two or three days, to let Avon and Vila get on with the sexual aerobics. (Incidentally, the single position they use is physically impossible for two men. One is tempted to wonder if M.C. had ever heard of anything but the missionary position.) Vila becomes pregnant with Avon's child, Avon and Vila get married, the baby is born, and Vila dies. Avon is very upset, but manages to cheer up after listening to a 26th Century pop song. (Guess.) (This is the worst—written story I have ever read.) [3]
Part V of "Comfort". I never could make out whether this one was boring or hilarious. Vila returns from the dead in time to stop Avon from joining him, Jenna reappears with Vila's father - who is naturally, a thoroughly nasty Alpha - homophobic, wife-beater, child abuser, and who eventually ran off abandoning Vila, Vila's mother, and Vila's younger sister (now Blake's live-in girlfriend) to one of the non-aligned planets. Confused? Good, because so was I, when I wasn't hating every paragraph. equally bad and boring but a trifle soggier. (Too much sherry in the sponge.) Impossible to take seriously, thank Goddess. [4]


I do recall the occasional romantic B7 piece--but they never really struck me as in any way believably B7! Love-conquers-all and happily-ever-after are just not compatible with the B7 universe! Any time I see them saying, "Now that I know you love me too, all the rest is just a bad dream", I start gagging and retching and trying to figure out what they've done with the characters I know (and love?...). There's one really dreadful classic in Eman-u-elle in which Vila gets an artificial womb so he can have Avon's baby... (Awwwwww...) [5]
The story with Vila bearing Avon's child (urk) appeared in E-Man-Uelle #1-3, an early and extremely primitive, in all senses, B7 zine from Britain. I gave my copies away, they were that bad. [6]


...this concept [mpreg] *always* reminds me of the truly horrid A/V novella which was an issue of E-MAN-U-ELLE (which was a truly horrid B7 zine). While the different parts of the story will probably haunt me the rest of my days (Avon rapes Vila after "Orbit", then apologises for it and "Orbit"--which Vila just sort of p-shaws--and then they settled down together. Eventually, not only do they get married, first arguing over who gets to take whose name and then settling on some hyphenated hybrid "Avon-Restal" or "Restal-Avon", can't remember which and then finally they find out that there is technology available for them to have a child together and proceed to *argue* over who gets to carry the other's child!), the very idea of a pregnant Avon (even though Vila somehow tricks Avon and gets pregnant himself) fills me with such terror, I feel like going to some of those cloning experts, shaking them and screaming, "Do you have any concept of where this could lead?!" [7]


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