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Name: Michael Keating
Also Known As:
Occupation: actor
Medium: TV, film, theatre
Works: Blake's 7
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Michael Keating is an actor well-known for his role as Vila Restal in Blake's 7.

from B7 Complex #12, artist is Gail Bennett, portrays Vila Restal in the back ground and Michael Keating in the foreground

Keating was a guest at many conventions. He and Paul Darrow (who portrayed Kerr Avon) were frequent team on panels and other convention activities. The banter and close friendship between the two actors was appealing to fans, and helped propel the pairing of Avon/Vila.

Keating was Darrow's proponent in the Blake's 7 Wars and co-author of Paul Darrow and Michael Keating's 1989 Cease and Desist Letter in 1989. Some of this was related to his hope-for involvement in Darrow and Terry Nation's plans for for-profit cons as described in Dalek Man, London. Having scrambled British SF TV expectations, Terry Nation considers reshaping fan conventions (1990).

Portrays in RPF

Professional Fan Casting

Some professional/for-profit authors have cast Keating in their novels. One example is "Sheriff Darrow" by Gillian Taylor. Another example is Myal in Tanith Lee's Kill the Dead.

Con Appearances

Active in Fandom

"The Paul and Michael Show" was a term used by fans and celebrities alike. In Paul Darrow was quoted: "in a rare moment of modesty Paul confirms that the "Paul and Michael show is not bad." [3]

The main story in Episodes (1982) is a Blake's 7 RPF that includes Michael Keating, Paul Darrow, and Janet Darrow. There is a disclaimer at the end of the story that says the story was "published with the permission and approval of Paul and Janet Darrow."

Keating continues to be heavily involved in the Blake's 7 (Big Finish Series), featuring in numerous audio plays (both full-cast and individual).[4]

Fan Comments

Michael Keating was adorable [at Scorpio in 1984]. When he came out for his panel he took pictures of the audience! After receiving a cowboy hat he became Michael "Tex” Keating. Brian Croucher, whom many of us knew very little about, was a hit with his ’’off the wall” T-shirts and sunglasses. Terry Nation was constantly in conversation on all aspects of B7.[5]

Fan Art

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