Judith Seaman

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Name: Judith Seaman
Fandoms: Blake's 7
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Judith Seaman was a Blake's 7 writer.

Fan Comments: The Author's Dislike of Blake

[Pat F] lent me "A Ledge Between the Streams" by Judith Seaman, and (my apologies to those yet to read it) I found it impossible for me to like it because an inner voice was screaming, "She killed off Vila, you can't do that!!!". Not a rational reason for disliking anything, I know, but one Vila would be happy with <smile>

I liked that one - but then I'm the kind who likes Shakespearean plays with bodies all over the stage in the last act.

I think my love of killing characters off occasionally gets mistaken for me disliking them. I kill Avon the most often becuase I like him the most. Being killed in one of my stories is a compliment <grin>. (The question is, would the Godmother thank me if I killed Tarrant?)

If anyone ever wants to understand why I occasionally complain about Blake-bashing, a study of Judith Seaman's work will probably explain why. I have to mentally edit out all references to Blake in her work - and have to pass entirely on some stories. She's an excellent writer which makes her hatred of Blake all the more frustrating. She's the only writer I know who seriously believes that Blake intended to kill Avon at Gauda Prime. The first time I read one of them I thought: 'that's an interesting idea'- I'll try most ideas once myself. Then I realised that it was a common thread in all her stories. Then I realised that you could predict the end of any of her stories that had both Blake and Avon in them by assuming that whatever Blake was doing would turn out to be stupid, misguided, and cause Avon to suffer.

I was a die-hard pure Avon fan in those days, and I still found it irritating because it didn't mesh with what I saw on screen.

I know I've said it before - but Judith Seaman was a major factor in converting me to liking Blake. I had to reassess him because he simply couldn't be as bad as she wrote him.

I'd still recommend many of her zines though (there's several available through the Avon club). She does wonderful Avon angst. Nobody makes him suffer quite so well as she does. I just wish she'd finish 'Ghost' but I don't think she ever will. She said to me once that the thought of having to check through the whole saga to make sure she'd got all the continuity points correct was very daunting and I know what she means.

'Program' was a zine that made a massive impact on me when I first read it. [1]


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