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Name: Scorpio
Dates: 1988 - ?
Frequency: annual
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Type: fan con, fan-run, with featured guests
Focus: science fiction and media
Founding Date:
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Zencon was a series of fan-run science fiction and media conventions held in Australia.

Zencon II

Zencon II was held in October 14-16 1988 (It was originally to be held 9-11 September at Clunies Ross House, 191 Royal Pde, Parkville) at the Carlton Social Club (day) and Clunies Ross House (night) in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Blake's 7 guests were Paul Darrow, Michael Keating and Janet Lees Price.

The costume parade was held at Clunies Ross.

This con was the media natcon for that year.

One co-convenor was Geoffro.

There is a con report for this con in Avon Newsletter #35.

Fan Comments Regarding the Second Zencon and "The Blake's 7 Wars"

It was this second convention that played a role in The Blake's 7 Wars. NOTE: please keep in mind that this was a very complicated issue, and that there are many versions of what happened; the two comments below illustrate these differing telling of events.

As to your comments re Gareth Thomas and Paul Darrow - there is a very long story behind all of that, and I don't have all the details, but I can tell you a little bit of it. When Paul came to Australia, someone gave him a slash zine to autograph (there are some totally brain dead morons in fandom!). [...] For a long time, Paul did not attend conventions (I don't know if he does now, think he does), and it's taken a long time for him to regain his faith in fandom. I think the zine was given to him at Zencon, in about 1988, I won't mention the zine publisher's names. [1]
I understood that the convention where Paul was given (or saw, it depends on whom you talk to) a slash story was in America, though I may have misunderstood. [2]


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