Pressure Point (Blake's 7 letterzine)

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See also Pressure Point (disambiguation).

Title: Pressure Point
Editor(s): Pat Nussman
Type: letterzine
Date(s): 1987-?
Frequency: bimonthly, then quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Pressure Point is Blake's 7 letterzine with 12 issues.



From the publisher's ad listing in Southern Enclave #17: "A new bimonthly newsletter designed to keep in touch with what's happening in B7 fandom, what US conventions are featuring B7 guests and where, what zines you can buy or submit to, what B7 clubs you can join. In fact, almost everything that's happening in this growing US fandom, all in a concise and timely form. Each issue features a calendar of events, zine listings, zine reviews. and a marketplace."

From the publisher's ad listing in "Southern Enclave" #22: "The B7 newsletter, is now a quarterly letterzine bringing readers a fresh, expanded format with lively discussions of every aspect of the B7 universe, plus zine reviews, listings, con reports and articles. Catch the premiere of the new, improved 'Pressure Point' in January 1989."

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Issue 1

Pressure Point 1 was published in 1987.

Issue 2

Pressure Point 2

issue 3

Pressure Point 3

Issue 4

Pressure Point 4

Issue 4

Pressure Point 5

Issue 6

Pressure Point 6

Issue 7

Pressure Point 7

Issue 8

Pressure Point 8

Issue 9

Pressure Point 9

Issue 10

Pressure Point 10

Issue 11

Pressure Point 11

Issue 12

Pressure Point 12