Dandruff Droppings

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Title: Dandruff Droppings
Publisher: Flakey Blakey Society
Type: apazine
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Dandruff Droppings is a gen, slash and adult het apazine of the Flakey Blakey Society.

From an online flyer posted to Lysator on March 1, 1993:
"a subscription runs $18 a year, subscribers are asked to commit to submissions (fiction, poetry, analysis, essays, art, LOCs) during a subscription year, it contains adult material, submissions should be accompanied by SASE. [1]


Dandruff Droppings v.2 no.10 was published in October 1992.

Dandruff Droppings v.2 no.11 was published in November 1992.

Dandruff Droppings v.2 no.12 was published in December 1992.

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  1. Subject: The Big B7 Zine and an apa.