Dandruff Droppings

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Title: Dandruff Droppings
Publisher: Flakey Blakey Society
Type: apazine
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Dandruff Droppings is a gen, slash and adult het apazine of the Flakey Blakey Society.

It was "The Blake's 7 Fanzine Which Is A Hair Better Than Any Other."

From an online flyer posted to Lysator on March 1, 1993:
"A subscription runs $18 a year, subscribers are asked to commit to submissions (fiction, poetry, analysis, essays, art, LOCs) during a subscription year, it contains adult material, submissions should be accompanied by SASE. [1]

v.2 no.3

Dandruff Droppings v.2 no.3 was published in March 1992 and contains 8 pages.

  • How Are Things on Liberator? Or Another Day In the Nuthouse, a filk to the tune of "Glocca Morra," by Angela Reese (1)
  • Profound Commentary: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow by Lady Locks, article about hair on male characters (1)
  • Just One Wish, fiction by Jennie McGrath (2)
  • February at Jennies, a "bash report" by Teri White (a con report for a monthly fan get-together of Northeast Ohio Flakey Blakey Society: there was drinking, Carol McCoy "showed off her new music videos; the best was set to a song suggested by a member and starring Blake and Avon," there was no round robin, members also viewed some recent TV interviews with Gareth Thomas: "This may, in fact, turn out to be the high point of the year. He was funny, sexy and outrageous (when was the last time someone licked a weapon quite so... effectively?") (3)
  • part one of a con report by Carol McCoy for Visions 1991, see that page (4)
  • editorial, the editor reminisces about when this zine used to be a single page (6)
  • To Sleep, Perchance to Dream, fiction by Sandra Basham (7)
  • Like a Lamb to the Slaughter, fiction by Teri White (8)

v.2 no.5

Dandruff Droppings v.2 no.5 was published in May 1992 and contains 12 pages.

front page of v.2 n. 5
as of this issue, subscriptions were required: this is the form to fill out

It's not easy being a revolutionary; always there is change, change, change. At the recent Flakey meeting, several important decisions were made:

The name of the club is now Flakey Blakey Society.

While the FBSis an all woman group, men are welcome into the auxiliary, The Blake-Yums. Any man interested in joining, please write.

The official colors of the FBS are: black, blue, and silver.

Even though there are no official officer positions, any Flakey can take over any other job positions by assignation.

The Flakey Blakey Society recognizes that it is not for everyone. On the other hand, Dandruff Droppings is available to almost everyone.


This is the last issue of Dandruff Droppings that is a freebie. Starting with the June 1992 issue, this is a subscription' only publication. If you would like to subscribe, please fallout the form on page 12. Don't miss an issue of this fabulous APA. We want and need you to be part of DD.
  • Revolutionary Perspectives -- The Soldier, fiction by Carol McCoy (an admirer of Travis speaks his mind) (2)
  • Allegiance, from the Time of Innocence Universe, fiction by Jennie McGrath (Travis is led astray) (3)
  • Private Revolution, fiction by Sandra Basham (Avon makes promises) (4)
  • A Couple' Revolutionaries Sittin' Around Talkin', fiction by S. Lewis (the guys make a discovery) (6)
  • Death of a Friend, fiction by Jennifer H. (star crossed lovers unite) (8)
  • filk to the tune Bicycle Built for Two, by Angela Reese (10)
  • Last Dance, fiction by Illne Vertell (Avon and Blake trip the light fantastic) (11)
  • FBS Form (12)

v.2 no.10

Dandruff Droppings v.2 no.10 was published in October 1992.

v.2 no.11

Dandruff Droppings v.2 no.11 was published in November 1992.

v.2 no.12

Dandruff Droppings v.2 no.12 was published in December 1992.

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