Dandruff Droppings

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Title: Dandruff Droppings
Publisher: Flakey Blakey Society
Type: apazine
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Dandruff Droppings is a gen, slash and adult het apazine of the Flakey Blakey Society.

Dandruff Droppings v.2 no.10 was published in October 1992.

Dandruff Droppings v.2 no.11 was published in November 1992.

Dandruff Droppings v.2 no.12 was published in December 1992.

From an online flyer posted to Lysator on March 1, 1993:
"a subscription runs $18 a year, subscribers are asked to commit to submissions (fiction, poetry, analysis, essays, art, LOCs) during a subscription year, it contains adult material, submissions should be accompanied by SASE. [1]

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  1. Subject: The Big B7 Zine and an apa.