Battle Stations!

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Title: Battle Stations! (or "The Avon Apa")
Publisher: Patti McClellan
Type: APA
Date(s): it was proposed in 1993, but did not make it off the ground
Frequency: was to have been 3x year
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Battle Stations! was a proposed het and slash Blake's 7 APA with a focus on the character of Avon from Blake's 7. It was sometimes referred to as the "AVON APA").

This APA ended up never becoming a reality.

An Original Ad

In an online flyer posted to both Virgule-L and Lysator:

BATTLE STATIONS! is an adults-only, Avon-oriented APA. A general tendency toward masochism, (or so I'm told) together with a desire for a forum in which I will not feel awkward focusing on my favorite (though not to the exclusion of the other characters, by any means) has resulted in this desperate move. Memberships will be initially limited to 15 members, in order to keep the APA down to a manageable size. Memberships will be given in order received per postmark until the roster is full. After that, a waiting list will be maintained. WARNING: If you are offended by slash topics, do not join!

It is my position that adult includes slash. This is not _only_ a slash APA, but such topics will be discussed freely. The APA will not knowingly admit to membership anyone under the age of 18 years.

For more information, APA guidelines, and/or to reserve a spot, SASE Patti McClellan [address omitted]. Membership Fee will be $11 per year, with publication three times per year.

Did Not Take Off

This APA, however, did not make it off the ground. The fan who proposed it explained:

Having been introduced to the world of the APA via On the Wing, and not having nearly enough outlets for my obsession with Blake's 7, it crossed my mind at one point to start a general APA of my own, since OTW is devoted to Tarrant, and I did want to discuss/argue/hear about some of the others as well. Someone wisely pointed out that such an endeavor would really eat into my writing time, and I decided not to give up any more than that. I still have a lot to write, and a lot of fun doing it. So, instead of starting Battle Stations as an APA, I am submitting it as my first contribution to Rallying Call.[1]


  1. ^ Giving one's contribution to an APA a title was a common thing to do; the title and content of your letter acted as a little mini-zine within the bigger packet that was sent to all the APA's members.