The Neutral Arbiter

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Title: The Neutral Arbiter
Editor(s): Sherri Fillingham & Pat Nussman
Type: letterzine
Date(s): 1991-1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
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The Neutral Arbiter is a gen Blake's 7 letterzine edited by Sherri Fillingham & Pat Nussman.

It was the winner of a 1992 FanQ.

There are seven issues plus a final issue published as a special issue of Revel Times.

Micky D. described it in November 1992: "It's almost entirely discussion with a few classified ads in the back. The last issue was 42 pages of reduced type." [1]

Issue 1

Issue 2

December 1991?

Issue 3

March 1992?

Issue 4

June 1992?

Issue 5

September 1992?

Issue 6

November 1992?

Issue 7

The Last Issue

Jean Graham took on the project of issuing the last issue of the letterzine.

In February 1994, Pat Elrod wrote:
"I got a letter from Jean Graham concerning the late, lamented Neutral Arbiter letterzine. The gist is that Peacock Press has volunteered to publish NA's final issue as a special issue of Revel Times. They are trying to contact everyone who wrote in to obtain their disks or hardcopy. [Five fan names redacted], perhaps they or their friends will notice this in the newsletter and help get things moving along." [2]
In May 1994, posted the following flyer to Lysator:
"For those who've asked, NEUTRAL ARBITER was a letterzine the editor of which 'gafiated' before finishing the final promised issue. I'm trying to reconstruct that last issue, and have obtained letters so far from about 75% of them. We should be able to print what we have by mid-June or so. (Sorry it'll miss Media West, but I didn't quite make it.) You can't subscribe, exactly, since this is the only one, but you can buy a copy if you want to read it. Printing and postage will run $2.00 inside the US and $3.00 anywhere else..."

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