Between Black and White (Blake's 7 story)

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Title: Between Black and White
Author(s): Pat Thomas, Ann O'Neill, and Christine Knowles (1978, 1980), Ann O'Neill (1985)
Date(s): 1978, 1980, 1985
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Between Black and White is a gen Blake's 7 story was written in 1978 by Pat Thomas, Ann O'Neill, and Christine Knowles and first published in Spacefall #4 in 1980.

The story was later rewritten by Ann O'Neill and published in 1985's issue of Standard by Seven. In 1986, the story was bootlegged and sold as a novel "written by Keith Black."

Birthplace of "Avon's Allergies"

In 1985, the author of Mascarada, Susan R. Williams, acknowledges Ann O'Neill and "Between the Black and White" in her own story "The Portage," saying that the original "plot device" of having Avon's allergic reaction to interrogation drugs was in O'Neill's story.

A fan in 1991 wrote: "How about Avon's infamous allergies? Where the heck did they come from? Well, I'll tell you -- one old British story was so angsty that all the fans love the idea for some reason. [1]


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