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Zine Publisher
Name: NorthCoast Press
Contact: Lisa Madden (
Type: fanfic
Fandoms: Man From UNCLE; also Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Batman
Status: active
Other: Fanzine Publisher
URL: (or the old site, more complete but less up-to-date)
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NorthCoast Press publishes mainly gen and het Man From UNCLE zines, along with a handful of zines in other fandoms. Also carries earlier Kuryakin File issues from Faux Pas Press and Peacock Press.

a 1989 flyer for Peacock Press

The press publishes two main anthology series, as well as several one-offs. All of its zines remain in print and interested fans can write to Lisa Madden for a pdf listing of everything they publish.

Man from UNCLE zines


  • The Kuryakin File, a gen anthology series which as of May 2009 is up to 29 issues.
  • Eyes Only, a het anthology series which as of May 2009 is up to 9 issues.


Batman zines

Buffy zines