Intermezzo in B

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Title: Intermezzo in B
Author(s): London Bates
Date(s): 1986
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Intermezzo in B is a Blake's 7 story by London Bates.

It was published in The Other Side #1 and Southern Lights Special #2.5.

Reactions and Reviews

(Se/Tr) (B/C, A/J) Good god, a het story by London Bates. Seems to head in the direction of A/B (which I would have preferred) but then lurches towards het, and I go to sleep... Typical London Bates unmistakable prose in the sex scene: pulsating towers (incidentally, since this is a het story, we here find out that the feminine of "tower" is "vault") and multiple orgasms all over the place. And what on earth does "burying her lips with a passion he'd almost forgotten he was capable of" mean? I'm sorry, I'm generally frankly incapable of appreciating this writer's work, I just seem to have a blind spot for her.[1]
"Intermezzo in B" Is fairly well-written and pairs Avon with Jenna and Blake with Cally. Too few details. Also appeared in Southern Lights Special 2.5.[2]


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