Sondra Sweigman

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Name: Sondra Sweigman
Type: fan writer and zine publisher
Fandoms: Blake's 7
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Sondra Sweigman is an American fan writer and zine publisher in the Blake's 7 fandom. She is known for a strong interest Roj Blake and for writing and supporting smarm stories featuring him and Avon, as opposed to slash.

The zine Tarriel Cell published a profile of Sondra, which is available in online. It includes:

"Real life" occupation: involuntarily retired psychologist

Favorite fandoms (other than B7): None- I'm monogamous

Favorite con story: Never been to a con.

What would you be if you inserted yourself into Blake's 7: Equal parts of ecstatic and terrified.

Favorite and least favourite episodes. Favorite: Star One, Rumours of Death, Terminal, Blake (can't seem to break the tie) least favorite: Animals (no contest there)[1]

Fanfiction and Fanzines

Sondra published the following fiction zines:

Sondra's fiction and poetry has been published in:

She also continues to publish the Blake-centric letter zine The Way Forward (1996-present).


As well as The Way Forward (TWF), Sondra also contributed to other apas, including Horizon Letterzine, Altazine and Blake-centric apa Rallying Call. She left Rallying Call in 1995 after it began to include adult material, and founded TWF.

Her meta includes:


  1. ^ Tarriel Cell V.6 N.2, December 1992