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Title: The Revel Times
Publisher: Blake's Revels
Editor(s): Jean Graham & Pearl Stickler
Type: newsletter
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
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cover of V.3 N.8

The Revel Times is a gen Blake's 7 newsletter. It contains, among other things, zine reviews. It is unclear how many issues there are. It was the winner of a 1992 FanQ.

Contents of the final issue of Neutral Arbiter are supposedly contained in a 1994 issue of "The Revel Times."

This zine's successor is Cephlon.

Several zine reviews by Jean Graham were in issues of this zine and were reprinted in some issues of Avon Club Newsletter. These reviews may also be the same as those included on the Kinghtwriter website.

Description from an Ad

" A monthly Blake's 7 newsletter featuring star news, zine reviews, ads and 'Orac On Line,' a B7 role-playing 'game.' One year subscription: $5.00 in US, $8.00 overseas." [1]


The Revel Times 1

The Revel Times 2

The Revel Times v.3 n. 8 was published in August 1990.

Revel Times v 3 n 8

Revel Times v.6 n.2 was published in February 1993.

Revel Times v.7 n.5 was published in May 1994.


  1. ^ from Gambit #11