The Revel Times

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Title: The Revel Times
Publisher: Blake's Revels
Editor(s): Jean Graham & Pearl Stickler
Type: newsletter
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
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cover of V.3 N.8

The Revel Times is a gen Blake's 7 newsletter. It contains, among other things, zine reviews. It is unclear how many issues there are. It was the winner of a 1992 FanQ.

Contents of the final issue of Neutral Arbiter are supposedly contained in a 1994 issue of "The Revel Times."

This zine's successor is Cephlon.


The Revel Times 1

The Revel Times 2

The Revel Times v.3 n. 8 was published in August 1990.

Revel Times v 3 n 8

Revel Times v.6 n.2 was published in February 1993.

Revel Times v.7 n.5 was published in May 1994.