Avon Club Newsletter

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Title: Avon Club Newsletter
Publisher: The Avon Club
Date(s): late 1980s to at least 1998
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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The latest issue of the Avon club's newsletter arrived in the mail today. If newsletters count as zines, then I think this is the B7 zine with the most issues ever (though the all-fiction zine with the most issues is Chronicles). All of you who have enjoyed Paul Darrow's performances in "Guards! Guards!" should have a look at this if you haven't already. The front cover has a very amusing color photo of Paul reading the book with the dragon Errol looking over his shoulder. On the back is Paul as Vimes with another, smaller dragon. Inside are various people's reviews of the play and the recent cons. And in the back [of Avon Newsletter]-- oh joy!-- is an ad for the forthcoming Avon #14, which will be a story by Judith Seaman! She is one of my very favorite B7 fan writers, so I'm thrilled to know that she is still writing.[1]

Issue 28

Avon Club Newsletter 28 was published in April 1987 and contains 24 pages. The back cover is a play bill for "A Sting in the Tale."

front cover of issue #28

It includes a word search puzzle, news clippings (photocopied), reprinted photos, and lots of info, also a slip of paper saying your membership is now up for renewal. The cost was 7 pounds sterling, or US $15. Paul Darrow was appearing in a play, "A Sting in the Tale"—there is info on this in the newsletter and tips for seeing Paul backstage (not on Saturdays, please, at least if you are a "chatter.").


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