Avon's Christmas Bumper Book of Fun

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Title: Avon's Christmas Bumper Book of Fun
Publisher: The Avon Club
Date(s): December 1995
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Avon's Christmas Bumper Book of Fun is a gen Blake's 7 36-page anthology.

Contents include:

  • Helen Knott, "Another Daring Adventure with Blake's 7, or, Mind the Wobbly Bits, Vila" (fiction)
  • Helen Knott, "Did You Ever Wonder What Happened to Orac after Gauda Prime?" (fiction)
  • Susan Barrett, "Jennarella, A Blake's Seven Pantomime" (pantomime script, fiction)
  • Carol Handy, "Take Time Out to Sit and Try Orac's New Word Fit" (puzzle)
  • Jayne Humphreys, "Data for Zen" (puzzle)
  • Carol Handy, "Blakes 7 Serial Squares" (puzzle)
  • Sylvia Anderson, "Giant Wordsearch" (puzzle)
  • Jayne Humphreys, "Liberator Grid Reference" (puzzle)
  • Helen Knott, "Jenna's Bored Game" (puzzle)
  • Helene Prendiville, "Lexigram" (puzzle)
  • Alison Grant, "Criss-cross Puzzle" (puzzle)
  • Susan Barrett, "Vila's Christmas Surprise" (puzzle)