Neil Faulkner

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Name: Neil Faulkner
Alias(es): Ellen A Rufkin, Dirk Thrust, N O'Treally
Type: author, publisher
Fandoms: Blake's 7
Communities: Lysator
URL: website
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Neil Faulkner (b.1963) is a British author and fanzine publisher in the Blake's 7 fandom. He was a prominent member of the Lysator mailing list. He is no longer active in Blake's 7 fandom. A photo of Neil at Judith Proctor's site.


Neil's writing was known for its originality and rejection of common fandom tropes. He specialised in writing plausible action stories and was one of the first writers to introduce elements of cyberpunk into Blake's 7 fan fiction. Russ Massey describes 'A Casting of Swords' as being as close to Gibsonesque cyberpunk as B7 gets.[1]

His first Blake's 7 story to appear in print was All The President's Men in Horizon 18 (1994). Some of his fanfiction is archived online at Hermit. Well-known stories include:

Nonfiction and Meta

Neil has also written numerous articles and essays; some of these are reprinted online here:


Neil edited and published three predominantly gen fiction zines:

He also edited AltaZine, a letterzine, as well as some issues of the Horizon Letterzine.