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Name: Sarah Thompson
Alias(es): Sarah E. Thompson, S.E. Thompson
Type: archivist, reviewer, fanwriter
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Star Trek
Communities: Lysator, Space City
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Sarah Thompson is a Blake's 7 and Star Trek fan best known for her efforts in reviewing and cataloguing Blake's 7 printzines.

A B7 fan describes her as "a brilliant archivist".[1]

Blake's 7

Beginning in 1996, Thompson catalogued the content of anthology & single-author fiction zines in the Blake's 7 fandom, and also covered the Blake's 7 content in multimedia zines. This was done in response to her dissatisfaction with Bill Hupe's Blakesindex.

She also indexed many nonfiction publications.

Her compilations include detailed character, pairing and season information for fanfiction, fanpoetry and fanart, as well as details of the cover art. Sarah also reviewed many Blake's 7 zines and stories.

Her contents lists were published in print format, and also periodically posted to the Lysator and Space City/Freedom City mailing lists, as well as to the APA Rallying Call.

Some of her contents lists are available online at Judith Proctor's site, via the Fanzines Index page.[2]

Thompson's 1996 comments and introduction to the zine project:

My main fannish activity lately has been a kind of busman's holiday that some of you know about already: I'm compiling a bibliography of B7 smut. This came partly out of dissatisfaction with Bill Hupe's Blakesindex, which leaves out a lot, and partly out of a need for something simple but absorbing to do when I'm not working.

Instead of playing solitaire, these days I type out lists of zine contents and alphabetize them.

The smut zines are pretty much done, with only a few exceptions that I still haven't found or found out about.

The results have been posted on Space City, and I hope to have a hard copy version for sale at Eclecticon in November, with the contents of all the B7 smut zines I could lay hands on, and an alphabetized list of stories by author. Eventually I'll tackle the gen zines in the same way, but that will be a much bigger job.

At the end of this trib I'll attach the latest version of the grand zine list, which several of you have already seen. Please let me know if you spot anything that should be corrected or added.

In the meantime, just for fun, I took the smut listings and went through them to see how many pairings I could find of Blake and people other than Avon. I also left out A/B/V triangles and menages, since there are a lot of those, but I included other menage stories, orgies, etc. A few stories with more than one Blake pairing are repeated under the different headings. I arranged the stories by date, as far as possible, just to see what trends there were, if any. Here's what I found. But I make no guarantees as to the quality of these stories or the treatment of Blake! And I'm sure there must be more Blake stories— this was just the result of one quick skim, so I may easily have overlooked something. [3]

Fiction and Meta

Thompson wrote fanfiction and occasional meta, which appeared on Lysator and in various zines.


Star Trek

Sarah co-wrote original series fanfiction with Linda K. Rossi, including:


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