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Name: Hermit.org aka Blake's 7: Judith Proctor's pages
Owner/Maintainer: Judith Proctor
Dates: May 1996-
Type: fandom resource
Fandom: Blake's 7
URL: here; Wayback link, Archived version; Blake's 7 (hermit.org) 1999 screenshot, Archived version
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Judith Proctor maintains Blake's 7: Judith Proctor's pages, usually referred to as Hermit.org.

It claims to be "The Largest Blake's 7 Site on the Web". The site contains extensive zine lists, the Hermit Library fanfiction archive, essays, fanzine reviews, the online Sevencyclopaedia, episode guide and scripts, as well as information on the careers of the Blake's 7 cast.

It archives a comprehensive index to every Blake's 7 fanzine published, with complete table of contents, full author names and publisher information, originally compiled by Sarah Thompson.

Before the site's launch in the late 1990s, print fanzine indexes existed, but Hermit.org may have been the first—and is certainly the most detailed—online fanzine listing in any fandom. Because the index was so far ahead of the online fandom curve, it is no surprise that not all the contributors knew that their information was going to be posted online and on Google searchable and indexed website. The site's information has proven invaluable to tracing the fandom's early print history.

The site was founded in May 1996. Judith announced on 31 May 2015 that site would be closing "soon".[1]





  • Sevencyclopaedia
  • Episodes
  • Cast and Crew
  • Facts and Figures
  • Gareth Thomas
  • Paul Darrow



  • Tapes and CDs
  • Videos
  • Books
  • Other

This Site

  • A to Z site index
  • Search the site
  • Site structure
  • Thanks
  • Who we are?
  • Admin

The Essays

  • Why Blake Fought - Judith Proctor
  • Brain Prints - Judith Proctor
  • Travis's Revenge! - Matt Cherry
  • Blake's Popular Support - Pat Fenech
  • Pro Pella - Harriet Monkhouse
  • Why Blake stayed on Albian - Sondra Sweigman
  • Blake: A Lament, in the style of William McGonagall - Chris Blenkarn
  • I Drink, Therefore I Am - Chris Blenkarn
  • I really tried to write this Blake's 7 story but... - Chris Blenkarn
  • 'Games' and Winspit quarry today
  • Zine Layout - Judith Proctor
  • Totally tongue in cheek episode guide - Chris Blenkarn
  • Story Types - Natasa Tucev
  • Blake and Avon - Judith Proctor
  • Why False Charges? - Natasa Tucev
  • evil overlord - A page that takes a tongue-in-cheek view at the way evil characters trying to take over the world always spend enough time gloating to allow the hero to escape.
  • Revolutionary Charisma - by Patricia Carter
  • The Eye Patch - Natasa Tucev
  • STAR ONE - Wading in Blood and Bad Temper by Sally Manton
  • Power by Ellynne Grant
  • Spacials - A very enlightening and occisionally hilarious look at the question of just how long a spacial actually is. By Neil *Faulkner (not on this site)
  • Unlimited Vision Blake's 7 at the Millennium by Patricia Carter
  • In The Blake Midwinter: UnAmerican Activities at the BBC - Dana Shilling
  • From one Federation to Another by Ellynne G
  • Being Led Liberator Style by Sally Manton
  • Blake And Avon by Sally Manton
  • The Liberator By Rob Windle
  • Building the London By Simon Atkinson
  • Possible Influences on Blake's 7 By ?
  • Blake's 7 recast as birds by Neil Faulkner (illustrated)
  • In Defense of Vila by Sally Manton
  • Blake's Muckers Iain J. Coleman
  • Where do writers get the names for their characters? By Ellynne G
  • Blake's 7 in Spain By Juan Pedro Esteve Garcia
  • Women in the Federation Military By Kai Karmanheimo
  • Blake Revisited Part 1 The Story, Sources, The Drama, The Federation and it's society. By Frances Teagle
  • Blake Revisited Part 2 The Characters (regular cast). By Frances Teagle
  • Blake Revisited Part 3 The Characters (notable transients). By Frances Teagle
  • Blake Revisited Part 4 The Spacecraft, The Computers, The Production, Final Remarks. By Frances Teagle
  • Ranking the Villains of Blakes 7 By Frances Teagle
  • Comparing Blakes 7 with Star Trek Courtesy of Westrek 'Constellation", April 1994 issue and Russell B Farr.
  • Recurring Themes in Blakes 7 By Frances Teagle
  • Voice Prints and Inboard Sensors By Gabriel Boehme
  • Who Shot Who By Iain Walker
  • Teleport Duty By Marian de Haan
  • Avon and Tarrant By Marian de Haan
  • Realism in Cave Stories By Helen Atkins
  • Vila Restal - character, Myers Briggs personality, some answers By By Nico Mody-Nikoloff
  • Hiding and Orbit By Leia Fee
  • Reflections on the episode 'Power' By Jackie Speel
  • Theme vs Plot By Judith Proctor
  • Post Gauda Prime Syndrome Theorem By Ruth Clough
  • Post Blake Cally by Jason Juneau
  • Homage to Callylonia by Jason Juneau
  • The Way Back - Perspectives on the Federation and Resistance by Jason Juneau
  • T.S. Elliot and Blake's Seven By Ruth Kenyon - (Not on this site).
  • Dating the series By Jackie Speel
  • Religon, the federation and Cygnus Alpha By Jackie Speel
  • Personal travel and other traffic in the Federation By Jackie Speel
  • Two Essays on the Liberator Sets by Ruth Kenyon - (Not on this site).
  • In Defense of Blake By Faye Bull
  • A Television Knight with Blood on His Hands and Dirt on his Feet By Joyce Bowen
  • Servalan's Federation By Jason Juneau
  • Musings on "Terminal" By Helen Reilly
  • Why Blakes 7 has stayed in the fans' affections By Linda Death
  • Social classes and the Federation By Linda Death
  • How to write your first B7 fan-fic By Harriet Bazley.
  • Who Is This Anna Grant Person Anyway? By Arwen Spicer.
  • Dedicated Followers of Intergalactic Fashion By Spaced Angel
  • B7 AUs By Jacqueline Speel
  • Dreams and other departures By Jacqueline Speel
  • Plot seeds By Jacqueline Speel
  • Liberator Size By G2k
  • Articles from AltaZine:
    • The Art of Falling Apart - Neil Faulkner
    • The Crucial Element? - Neil Faulkner
    • What is the Liberator like inside? - Judith Proctor with editorial comments by Neil Faulkner
    • Who's in control - Neil Faulkner
    • Let's hear it for Dayna - Neil Faulkner
    • Destroy the Old Order - Neil Faulkner
    • Slash - for and against - Neil and Judith
    • How many ways back? - Neil Faulkner (about fan fiction in general)
    • Oh No Not Tarrant!... - Neil Faulkner
    • A hard-wired seven? - Neil Faulkner
    • Poem? - Neil Faulkner
    • On the Episode 'Power' - Judith Proctor with editorial comments by Neil Faulkner

Some Stats

"This site now has 6060 pages, 9811 images, 600 Scripts, 2421 other files... A page of Hermit.org. Last changed on 06th of September 2009 - Version 462."

The growth of the website (which started with just 4 pages in May 1996) is charted here.


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