Blake Something

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Title: Blake Something
Publisher: Creation Con
Type: ?
Date(s): 1987
Medium: print
Size: 12 pages
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Blake Something is a 12-page digest-sized zine by Paul Darrow, the actor who played Kerr Avon. It was published for the 1987 Creation Con.

The zine is online here.

Its content is commentary by Paul Darrow about how he was hired to play the part of Avon.

There is a "zine review" of it in The Avon Club Newsletter #32 by Judith M. Seaman titled "Mercutio, Mercutio! Wherefore Art Thou...?" which is a reference to Darrow's comments in the zine:

Three months passed [since my audition] and I didn't hear a word.

The management of 'Romeo and Juliet' wanted an answer from me. Should I play Mercutio or take a chance and hope 'Blake's Seven' would be offered?

Contrary to many opinions, actors are pretty much like anybody else. They have to eat, pay the rent, buy dog licenses.

My wife said, "If Avon is as good a part as you say it is, it's worth waiting for. Mercutio you can play some other time."

Fan Comments

Blake Something: pamphlet by Darrow on how he got the part of Avon. Short but quite amusing. [1]

"How did you get offered the role?" is always a favorite question of fans at convention guest panels, and an inquiry admirably answered by Paul Darrow in his book "Blake Something".

Paul details his experiences and thoughts about becoming apart of Blake‘s 7 from the first call by his agent, through the unnerving months of waiting to hear from the BBC, to the pre-production party held before the start of filming.

Along the way, Paul offers an actor’s view of the BBC, an opinion which is both amusing and a touch reverent The writing reveals a command of language and quick description that promises Paul’s novel on Avon's family will be an immense success. It should be noted that Lyle Stuart Inc. is now printing Paul's book in hard cover and paperback with photos. The U.S. publishing date will possibly be next spring.

"Blake Something" is illustrated with several excellent black and white photographs of Paul as Avon, in regular clothes, and with his wife, Janet Lees Price. The cost is a little excessive for the number of pages involved, but just the chance to picture Paul thinking he should look like an engineer easily compensates. (Imagine if he had dressed in a button-down shirt, too high pants, glasses repaired with tape, and pens in his pocket.) [2]


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