The Way to Rebellion

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Title: The Way to Rebellion
Publisher: The Avon Club
Author(s): Ros Williams
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): all written in 1985, published in 1989
Medium: print zine, fanfic
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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The Way to Rebellion is a gen Blake's 7 series of novels by Ros Williams. The art is all computer graphics by David Bowden, based on BBC photos. They were published 1989 but written in 1985.

Issue 1

The Way to Rebellion 1 contains 55 pages.

Issue 2

The Way to Rebellion 2 contains 66 pages.

Issue 3

The Way to Rebellion 3 contains 68 pages.

Issue 4

The Way to Rebellion 4 contains 66 pages.

Issue 5

The Way to Rebellion 5 contains 62 pages.

Issue 6

The Way to Rebellion 6

Special Issue

The Way to Rebellion: A Prequel contains 44 pages. A prequel to the above tells of Roj Blake's early life and his fight with the authorities and the events which lead him into "The Way Back."

Reactions and Reviews

A very well thought out before-the-start-of-the-series story. She develops an interesting and consistent background as she follows the lives of some of our heroes before they ended up on the London. [1]
"The Way to Rebellion" by Ros Williams - that's a prequel to the series. It's all very plausible, and I know some people are very fond of all six volumes of this epic, but I personally found that I was always expecting a really good bit when I got to the next page. Then I'd get to the next page and find it wasn't so brilliant after all. I'm not very keen on Ros's stuff overall. She tends to make the character's emotions fit the needs of the plot, rather than vice versa.[2]


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