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Name: Lillian Stewart Carl
Also Known As:
Occupation: author
Medium: published novels, short stories
Works: Numerous fantasy, mystery, and romantic suspense novels; non-fiction The Vorkosigan Companion
Official Website(s): Lillian Stewart Carl
Fan Website(s):
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Lillian Stewart Carl is a prolific writer of fantasy, mystery, and romantic suspense novels. She is a longtime media fan and wrote Blake's 7 and Star Wars fan fiction, and she co-wrote and published (with Lois McMaster Bujold) the Star Trek zine StarDate.

P.N. Elrod said in 1992 that "Other zine grads I know are Lois and her best friend Lillian Stewart Carl. Lois' Shards of Honor started out as a Star Trek story. I'm also delighted to announce that Lillian's story "Beauty" will be in Avon: On-Line #4 [1] making it a (nearly) all pro zine. She nailed the characters down so hard and so accurately I couldn't resist it. I also have to mention that she has an Avon avatar in one or both or her master novels, "Ashes to Ashes" and/or "Dust to Dust." [2]


Lillian Stewart Carl contributed stories to issues of the following zines:


  1. ^ A zine that was never published, likely due to the massive decisions by some pro writers regarding fanfiction announced in September 1992. See The Marion Zimmer Bradley Fanfiction Controversy, A Matter Of Willful Copyright Infringement, Holes in My Yard, and Open Letter to FYI from Author P.N. Elrod.
  2. ^ from The Neutral Arbiter #6 (September 1992)