Tales of the Galactica

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Title: Tales of the Galactica
Publisher: Beacon Press
Editor(s): Christopher Laird Simmons
Date(s): 1982-1983
Medium: print
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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Tales of the Galactica is a gen and het anthology that was formally The Adama Journal.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, which is a reissue of The Adama Journal #11/12

Tales of the Galactica 1 was published in 1982 and contains 30 pages. Story summaries below are from the zine's title page.

  • Solace by Lillian Stewart Carl (The story of a woman who loses her warrior husband in the destruction of the Colonies and finds solace in the arms of a friend.) (4)
  • The Perilous Primaries of Carillon by Elaine Christiani (You think you've got problems? The story of a discovered cache of Carillon food-stuff which has an interesting effect of consenting adults, and that means trouble.) (8)
  • Trail to Earth by Christopher Simmons (Part Five and Six, continued from The Adama Journal #9/10. Will cassiopeia and Sheba be killed in the Cylon Basestar that will be destroyed half-way through this episode? Will Count Iblis succeed in destroying his enemies? What about Apollo, Boomer, Starbuck and Triday?) (10)
  • And You Say...? by I. Joan Kokolus. (Definitely not one of Starbuck's better days, even if the Cylon forces are on strike, and even if he does know the top-secret location of Imperious Leader.) (16)
  • The Colonel's Punishment by Pat Hailey (Ever been in the bowels of an Argoship? Starbuck and Jolly find this the least of their troubles.) (17)
  • The Holy Place by Christopher Simmons (They've been in space over thirty yahrens, met new and different races and they do finally reach Earth.) (19)
  • Daughter of Aset by Susan Wilt, with revisions by Christopher Simmons. (Part Two, continued from The Adama Journal]] #9/10, The usual bunch from the Galactica encounter an ancient, and all too familiar evil on a strange planet.)
  • BSG Zines and Clubs (30)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Tales of the Galactica 2 was published in 1983 and contains 28 pages. Cover art by Frank Frazetta.

  • My Sunshine, Mandy by Anna Buchmann (The usually close-hearted Starbuck finds a special love in a small child.) (1)
  • Starbuck's Gamble by Lillian Stewart Carl, illustrations by Guy Brownlee (The fleet of tired Colonial survivors orbit the heavily armed world of Tethys, whose inhabitants ask a very high price for food, fuel and aid agaisnt the Cylons. Starbuck, using his special skills, has a plan to lower that price.) (6)
  • Training Flight One by Stephen Knepp (A new cadet, sent out with her instructor on her frst real mission, learns to accept the very real possibility of death while serving as a warrior.) (14)
  • Starbuck's Hangover by Anonymous (The definitive sequel to 'The Return of Starbuck' episode) (19)
  • Getting Starbucked by Elaine Christiani (A hot-tempered warrior learns a lesson in playing pyramid agaisnt a certain Lieutenant.) (20)
  • Battle Hymn of the Colonials by I. Joan Kokolus (21) (originally in The Adama Journal #11/12)
  • Starbuck's Rescue (poem) by Teresa Sarick (22)
  • Editor's Mess, comments on this issue (23)