The Adama Journal

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Title: The Adama Journal
Publisher: Gemini Press
Editor(s): J.R. Janoski & Christopher L. Simmons
Date(s): 1979-1981
Medium: print
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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The Adama Journal is a gen Battlestar Galactica newsletter that contains fiction and letters from fans.

It ran for thirteen issues. After issue thirteen, it became Tales of the Galactica.

Issue 1

The Adama Journal 1 was published in 1979.

Issue 2

The Adama Journal 2 was published in 1979.

Issue 3

The Adama Journal 3 was published in 1979.

Issue 4

The Adama Journal 4 was published in 1979.

Issue 5

The Adama Journal 5 was published in 1979.

Issue 6

The Adama Journal 6 was published in 1979.

Issue 7

The Adama Journal 7 was published in 1980.

Issue 8

The Adama Journal 8 contains 18 pages and was published in the spring of 1980.

  • Editorial
  • Convention report (3rd SF, Horror and Fantasy Convention in Los Angeles)
  • The Death That Lived by Elaine Christiani
  • Leave of Absence Part 1 by Lillian Carl
  • Trail to Earth Part 1 by Christoper Simmmons

Issue 9/10

The Adama Journal 9/10 contains 38 pages was published in August 1980.

  • Editorial with news and comments.
  • Interfleet Broadcast - Classified, pen pal listings, letters
  • Artisan by Christopher Simmons and Elaine Christiani
  • Daughter of Aset by Susan Wilt
  • False Dreams by Pat Hailey
  • Starbuck's Return - Review of Galactica 80 episode by Lillian Carl with photographs
  • Battlestar Galactica mini-poster
  • Retrospective - A look at the three most popular episodes with photographs
  • Leave of Absence by Lillian Stewart (part 1 was published in issue #8)
  • Trail to Earth by Crhsitopher Simmons (part 1 was published in issue #8)

Issue 11/12

The Adama Journal 11/12 was published in October/November 1980. It has at least 25 pages.

Issue 13

The Adama Journal 13 was published in 1981 and contains 60 pages, along with two photos of Jane Seymour.

  • Lost in a Lost World by Christopher Laird Simmons (also reprinted later as a standalone novel)
  • other unknown content

Best Of Issue

The Best of the Adama Journal was published around 1989 by Christoper Laird Simmons through Mindset Press.

  • Solace by Lillan Carl (Apollo and a woman find tenderness in each other's arms, helping to relieve each other of mutual losses.)
  • Counterpoint in Black and Crimson by Lillian Carl (An adventure where Apollo and Starbuck must procure supplies from two warring planets ruled by very headstrong and devious women.)
  • Starbuck's Gamble (The earstwhile Lieutenant s seduced by a woman who pits the Galactica against the Cylons and profits from the encounter, enjoying Starbuck's charms in the bargain.)
  • other fiction by Anna Buchmann, Stephen Knepp, and Elaine Christiani
  • art by Jon Netherland and Guy Brownlee