The Adama Journal

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Title: The Adama Journal
Publisher: Gemini Press
Editor(s): J.R. Janoski & Christopher L. Simmons
Date(s): 1979-1981
Medium: print
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Language: English
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The Adama Journal is a gen Battlestar Galactica newsletter that contains fiction and letters from fans.

It ran for thirteen issues. After issue thirteen, it became Tales of the Galactica.

V.2 n.3 was published in August 1979. In that issue, the editor said the newsletter was issued 4-6 times a year.

Issue 1

The Adama Journal 1 was published in 1979.

Issue 2

The Adama Journal 2 was published in 1979.

Issue 3

The Adama Journal 3 was published in 1979.

Issue 4

The Adama Journal 4 was published in 1979.

Issue 5

The Adama Journal 5 was published in 1979.

Issue 6

The Adama Journal 6 was published in 1979.

Issue 7

The Adama Journal 7 was published in 1980.

Issue 8

The Adama Journal 8 contains 18 pages and was published in the spring of 1980.

  • Editorial
  • Convention report (3rd SF, Horror and Fantasy Convention in Los Angeles)
  • The Death That Lived by Elaine Christiani
  • Leave of Absence Part 1 by Lillian Carl
  • Trail to Earth Part 1 by Christoper Simmmons

Issue 9/10

The Adama Journal 9/10 contains 38 pages was published in August 1980.

  • Editorial with news and comments.
  • Interfleet Broadcast - Classified, pen pal listings, letters
  • Artisan by Christopher Simmons and Elaine Christiani
  • Daughter of Aset by Susan Wilt
  • False Dreams by Pat Hailey
  • Starbuck's Return - Review of Galactica 80 episode by Lillian Carl with photographs
  • Battlestar Galactica mini-poster
  • Retrospective - A look at the three most popular episodes with photographs
  • Leave of Absence by Lillian Stewart (part 1 was published in issue #8)
  • Trail to Earth by Crhsitopher Simmons (part 1 was published in issue #8)

Issue 11/12

The Adama Journal 11/12 was published in October/November 1980. It has at least 25 pages.

Issue 13

The Adama Journal 13 was published in 1981 and contains 60 pages, along with two photos of Jane Seymour.

  • Lost in a Lost World by Christopher Laird Simmons (also reprinted later as a standalone novel)
  • other unknown content

Best Of Issue

The Best of the Adama Journal was published around 1989 by Christoper Laird Simmons through Mindset Press.

  • Solace by Lillan Carl (Apollo and a woman find tenderness in each other's arms, helping to relieve each other of mutual losses.)
  • Counterpoint in Black and Crimson by Lillian Carl (An adventure where Apollo and Starbuck must procure supplies from two warring planets ruled by very headstrong and devious women.)
  • Starbuck's Gamble (The earstwhile Lieutenant s seduced by a woman who pits the Galactica against the Cylons and profits from the encounter, enjoying Starbuck's charms in the bargain.)
  • other fiction by Anna Buchmann, Stephen Knepp, and Elaine Christiani
  • art by Jon Netherland and Guy Brownlee