ORAC (Blake's 7 convention)

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Name: ORAC
Dates: 1988-1990
Frequency: annual
Location: San Francisco, CA
Type: fan con, celebrity guests
Focus: Blake's 7
Founder: Joni Gillispie
Founding Date:
flyer for the 1988 convention
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ORAC was a fan run Blake's 7 convention held in in San Francisco, CA. The convention also had several actors and show writers as guests, along with fan run panels, a dealer's room, a masquerade, an art show, and a charity auction.


ORAC 88 was held April 9-10, 1988.

"Join us for an ALPHA GRADE B7 convention... Show your support for Blake's 7, have a great time with other fans and help us help KTEH, our local PBS station on APRIL 9 and 10, 1988 at the CLARION HOTEL, located near the San Francisco airport. in order to provide an uncrowded, high quality convention experience, attendance will be strictly limited. Memberships will not be sold at the door, so register early. Make checks payable to ORAC for $40 until Dec. 15, $45 until Feb. 1 and $50 after Feb. 1."

Confirmed guests were: Michael Keating (Vila), Terry Nation (series creator), Paul Darrow (Avon), and Janet Lees Price (Klyn in "Blake"). It is unknown if Darrow and Price attended.

The Master of Ceremonies was George Sampson.

Programming included:

  • individual and group Q&R panels
  • art show
  • dealer's room
  • 24-hour video room
  • photo and autograph sessions
  • arts' celebrity auctions
  • fan writer's panel
  • props construction panel
  • trivia contests
  • masquerade
  • video contests
  • "weekend long Pictionary contests"
  • a Blake Wake (Saturday night dance)
  • filking
  • fan fiction readings


Guests were to be Terry Nation, Sally Knyvette, and Brian Croucher, but according to a statement in the flyer for 1990, this did not occur. It is unknown who were the guests.

The Master of Ceremonies was George Sampson.


ORAC 90 was held April 7-8, 1990 in Burlingame, California.

Confirmed guests were Terry Nation, Sally Knyvette, and Brian Croucher, but Knyvette did not attend.

cover of the 1990 program book, the illos in this book are by Melody Rondeau

The concom: Bill Hayes (security), Lynete McPherson (guest liaison), Jim Rondeau (dealers' room), Melody Rondeau (art room), Kevin Roche (masquerade), Christina Hill (registration), Jame Nikkel and Jennifer Tifft (publications), Sherri Nix (Video Room), Jean Graham and Pearl Stickler (alternative programming), and Linda Madzel ("gofer mom").

The Master of Ceremonies was George Sampson.

All proceeds from the con were to go to KTEH, the local PBS television station.

There was a "Dead Travis Party." -- "We hope many of you will stay Sunday night for the infamous Dead Travis Party. Observe the dead come back to life as we celebrate the close of the convention. We'll have food, a no-host bar, videos, and a great time will be had by all."

Programming (from the Orac 90 progress report):

Round Table Discussions:

  • Was Tarrant Really Necessary? (Or should Avon have spaced him right after "Powerplay"? Join a lively exchange of opinions about B7's most disagreeable character.)
  • Slash: The Pros and Cons (Both sides of a controversial issue presented in a moderated debate. No tempers, please; this is a friendly disagreement.)
  • So You Want to Be a Supreme Commander. (How's, what's, and why's of fan clubs.)
  • Fan Liar's Panel (At last a chance to ask those embarrassing questions, but can you trust the answers? Guaranteen hilarious.)
  • Zine Editor Roast (Tell them what you like and don't like about fanzines.)
  • Hurt Comforts, Bonks and Wallows (Why we hurt the ones we love.)
  • B7 Onward and Upward (What happens next according to the fans.)
  • Gauda Prime (Audacious resolutions.)
  • Mary Sue in B7 Fanfic (Enough said.)
  • The B7 Movie (If accountants did the casting.)
  • Artificial Intelligence (What were Orac and Zen really up to?)
  • Loose Threads (What did happen to Jenna, etc.?)
  • Crossovers (Do they work?)
  • The Obligatory Star Trek Panel (What caused the Klingon bumbs and others stuff you can't live without.)
  • Servalan (Tyrant or PMS?)
  • Drawing with Travis) (Bring your sketch pads for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to draw B.C. in the flesh.)
  • Panels: (Costuming, Props)
  • Games: (Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit and Trivial Pursuit-Ship tourneys)
  • Filking

According to the first progress report, these would be included in the programing, but they do not appear in the program book (at least in this form): "Reading Circles (G-RandX): Bring your favorite zine story or a work in progress to read," "How to Start a Good Rumor. For instance, have you heard the one about the well-known San Diego fan writer who is going to England without her husband?," "The Slash panel Pictionary," "The Tarrant panel (yes, that one): What would you do if you were stuck on the same ship with Toothy? Would you do it with a gun. a knife, or an airlock control button?," and "Fan publishing: Do's. Don'ts and How-To's."