The B7 essays

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Title: The B7 essays
Creator: compiled by Judith Proctor
Date(s): mid to late 1990s?, site was last updated in June 2007
Medium: online
Fandom: Blake's 7
Topic: Blake's 7 meta
External Links: BLake's 7 essays, Archived version Essays on Ao3
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B7 essays are posted at Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 website,

Proctor's introduction:

Expositions on whatever topics the writer feels interested in. This a very eclectic set of essays. They are written by different people and on a variety of topics. Some of them explore general issues, some take extremely specific points as their springboard.

While I wouldn't say that I necessarily agree with everything that has been written here, they are all arguments that I have found interesting enough to be worth sharing with a larger audience.

All essays appear with the agreement of the writers. Should you feel that you have something interesting to say on Blake's 7, be it a political analysis of the Federation or an in-depth study of Soolin's hairstyles, feel free to submit it for inclusion on this page. Being controversial is no drawback as long as your argument is well presented - I rather like controversy...


These essays were imported to Archive of our Own in 2015 as part of the main Hermit Library import.

The Essays

  • Why Blake Fought - Judith Proctor
  • Travis's Revenge! - Matt Cherry
  • Blake's Popular Support - Pat Fenech
  • Pro Pella - Harriet Monkhouse
  • Why Blake stayed on Albian - Sondra Sweigman
  • Blake: A Lament, in the style of William McGonagall - Chris Blenkarn
  • I Drink, Therefore I Am - Chris Blenkarn
  • I really tried to write this Blake's 7 story but... - Chris Blenkarn
  • 'Games' and Winspit quarry today
  • Zine Layout - Judith Proctor
  • Totally tongue in cheek episode guide - Chris Blenkarn
  • Story Types - Natasa Tucev
  • Blake and Avon - Judith Proctor
  • Why False Charges? - Natasa Tucev
  • evil overlord - A page that takes a tongue-in-cheek view at the way evil characters trying to take over the world always spend enough time gloating to allow the hero to escape.
  • Revolutionary Charisma - by Patricia Carter
  • The Eye Patch - Natasa Tucev
  • STAR ONE - Wading in Blood and Bad Temper by Sally Manton
  • Power by Ellynne Grant
  • Spacials - A very enlightening and occasionally hilarious look at the question of just how long a spacial actually is. By Neil Faulkner (not on this site)
  • Unlimited Vision Blake's 7 at the Millennium by Patricia Carter
  • In The Blake Midwinter: UnAmerican Activities at the BBC - Dana Shilling
  • From one Federation to Another by Ellynne G
  • Being Led Liberator Style by Sally Manton
  • Blake And Avon by Sally Manton
  • The Liberator By Rob Windle
  • Building the London By Simon Atkinson
  • Possible Influences on Blake's 7 By ?
  • Blake's 7 recast as birds by Neil Faulkner (illustrated)
  • In Defense of Vila by Sally Manton
  • Blake's Muckers Iain J. Coleman
  • Where do writers get the names for their characters? By Ellynne G
  • Blake's 7 in Spain By Juan Pedro Esteve Garcia
  • Women in the Federation Military By Kai Karmanheimo
  • Blake Revisited Part 1 The Story, Sources, The Drama, The Federation and it's society. By Frances Teagle
  • Blake Revisited Part 2 The Characters (regular cast). By Frances Teagle
  • Blake Revisited Part 3 The Characters (notable transients). By Frances Teagle
  • Blake Revisited Part 4 The Spacecraft, The Computers, The Production, Final Remarks. By Frances Teagle
  • Ranking the Villains of Blakes 7 By Frances Teagle
  • Comparing Blakes 7 with Star Trek Courtesy of Westrek 'Constellation", April 1994 issue and Russell B Farr.
  • Recurring Themes in Blakes 7 By Frances Teagle
  • Voice Prints and Inboard Sensors By Gabriel Boehme
  • Who Shot Who By Iain Walker
  • Teleport Duty By Marian de Haan
  • Avon and Tarrant By Marian de Haan
  • Realism in Cave Stories By Helen Atkins
  • Vila Restal - character, Myers Briggs personality, some answers By By Nico Mody-Nikoloff
  • Hiding and Orbit By Leia Fee
  • Reflections on the episode 'Power' By Jackie Speel
  • Theme vs Plot By Judith Proctor
  • Post Gauda Prime Syndrome Theorem By Ruth Clough
  • Post Blake Cally by Jason Juneau
  • Homage to Callylonia by Jason Juneau
  • The Way Back - Perspectives on the Federation and Resistance by Jason Juneau
  • T.S. Elliot and Blake's Seven By Ruth Kenyon - (Not on this site).
  • Dating the series By Jackie Speel
  • Religion, the Federation and Cygnus Alpha By Jackie Speel
  • Personal travel and other traffic in the Federation By Jackie Speel
  • Two Essays on the Liberator Sets by Ruth Kenyon - (Not on this site).
  • In Defense of Blake By Faye Bull
  • A Television Knight with Blood on His Hands and Dirt on his Feet By Joyce Bowen
  • Servalan's Federation By Jason Juneau
  • Musings on "Terminal" By Helen Reilly
  • Why Blakes 7 has stayed in the fans' affections By Linda Death
  • Social classes and the Federation By Linda Death
  • How to write your first B7 fan-fic By Harriet Bazley.
  • Who Is This Anna Grant Person Anyway? By Arwen Spicer.
  • Dedicated Followers of Intergalactic Fashion By Spaced Angel
  • B7 AUs By Jacqueline Speel
  • Dreams and other departures By Jacqueline Speel
  • Plot seeds By Jacqueline Speel
  • Liberator Size By G2k
  • Articles from AltaZine:
    • The Art of Falling Apart - Neil Faulkner
    • The Crucial Element? - Neil Faulkner
    • What is the Liberator like inside? - Judith Proctor, with editorial comments by Neil Faulkner
    • Who's in control - Neil Faulkner
    • Let's hear it for Dayna - Neil Faulkner
    • Destroy the Old Order - Neil Faulkner
    • Slash - for and against - Neil Faulkner and Judith Proctor
    • How many ways back? - Neil Faulkner (about fan fiction in general)
    • Oh No Not Tarrant!... - Neil Faulkner
    • A hard-wired seven? - Neil Faulkner
    • Poem? - Neil Faulkner
    • On the Episode 'Power' - Judith Proctor, with editorial comments by Neil Faulkner
    • Brain Prints - Judith Proctor, Archived version