Delta Blues

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Title: Delta Blues
Publisher: FanGraphics
Editor(s): Michael Macomber and Caryn Dunkel
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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front cover by Phoenix: "Look at that face. That is an adorable Vila. He just bought you drinks (with the wallet he stole from you,) and is proceeding to charm the pants off of you to boot. You’ll wake up the next day missing all your valuables, and you won’t even care, because he’ll have stolen your heart as well." -- [1]
the front cover art
back cover by Marla Flair

Delta Blues is a 76-page gen Blake's 7 anthology.

It was nominated for a 1994 Fan Q for Best Blake's 7 zine, as was one story in it.


  • Who Is This Vila Guy Anyway? by Michael J. Macomber (editorial) (5)
  • Alison Berkeley, "Rumours & Regrets" ("Kerr Avon returns to Earth with a plan to avenge the death of his Anna -- but Vila Restal has plans of his own.") (6)
  • Vila Restal's Top Ten Excuses for Avoiding Landing-Party Duty, humor by Jane Mailander (15)
  • Lorna Breshears, "Incriminating Intake" ("Vila Restal is not having a good time. Not only is he on the verge of starvation, he's also being pursued by the Terra Nostra. And this is nothing compared to what he discovers behind the heavily guarded walls of Silverwood Manor -- a feast, a fortune... and a one-way ticket to Cygnus Alpha.") (16)
  • Satisfaction, poem by Vickie McManus/Alicia Ann Fox (36)
  • Jane Mailander, "Triumph of the Superior Intellect" (37)
  • cartoon by Nola Frame-Gray (39)
  • Lorna Breshears, "A Handful of Smoke" (nominated for a Fan Q) ("Life on Homeworld was peaceful. Idyllic. And it was slowly but surely driving Vila Restal stark raving mad. But he had a plan of escape -- for himself, and for his family.) (40)
  • Jane Mailander, "Kerril" (filk, Edward, by Kathy Mar) (76)
  • art by Phoenix (front cover), Marla Fair (back cover),Leigh Moto'oka, Nola Frame-Gay, Sue Williams

Reactions and Reviews

It was interesting doing this zine immediately after the Horizon zines, because the size in terms of content is pretty similar, but the presentation is very different. One can weigh the virtues of smaller physical size (and presumably lower price) versus easy-to- read typeface and more spectacular art.

I'm surprised, actually, that the zine wasn't bigger. Given that Vila is probably the second-favorite character, you'd think a zine devoted to him would have a lot of submissions. But maybe B7 fans in general prefer variety in their zines? I wonder.

My favorite thing in the zine is Lorna's what-if AU, "A Handful of Smoke," in which Vila decides to go with Kerril. Through a complicated chain of circumstances, he eventually rejoins the others and saves the day on GP; but the ending is a tragic one for him. <sniffle!>

Strongly recommended for Vila fans. [2]
I didn't expect to have Blake in it. And it didn't. It's great for a Vila fan, though. A friend wrote several pieces, so I saved those few things out of loyalty, but the rest is landfill somewhere. [3]


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