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Name: Snowgrouse
Type: writer, artist, panelist
Fandoms: Doctor Who (1998-present)
Blake's 7 (2001-present) Conrad Veidt (2012-present)
URL: On LiveJournal
On Tumblr
On Ao3
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Snowgrouse has been involved in fandom since the 1990s. She mostly participates through meta discussion, writing fanfiction and creating fanart, in both digital and traditional media (she specialises in explicit photomanips).

Her fiction and artwork include slash, het and femslash with a leaning towards BDSM and historical romance. Her photomanips are characterised by their combination of extremely explicit sexual acts executed in a heavily chiaroscuroed, painterly style; equally. Her fanfiction is characterised by extremely explicit, lengthy sex scenes. She has described these as a deliberately genderqueering, feminist process of appropriating the explicit detail of visual pornography (aimed at straight men) and re-humanising it by lifting it to the emotional intensity and character depth of fan fiction (traditionally desired by women).[1] Snowgrouse is also a frequent panelist at the Redemption conventions in the UK. She advocates queer het both as a feminist exercise and as a way to challenge the boundaries of gender and sexuality. From Redemption 2015 panels onwards, she has championed the term "ravishment" as a more appropriate term to describe erotic non-con fiction (where the seduced partner is enjoying it) to distinguish it from true rape.


  • 1990s - active in The X-Files, The Sith Academy,, rec.arts.drwho
  • 1990s-2010s - Active in Doctor Who fandom, contributing through fanfiction, fanart and discussion. Mostly focused on Doctor/Master. Originated the meme of Seventies Porn Colin (discovering the original photograph and posting a dewatermarked version of it on rec.arts.drwho) and coined the term "Crispy" for the Pratt/Beevers Master. In 2013 co-wrote, researched and illustrated Ghazal (official LJ page), a major novel-length Doctor/Master fic with Versaphile.
  • 2012 - Became primarily focused on Conrad Veidt, creating fanfiction and fanart of his characters, particularly shipping the original Grand Vizier Jaffar and the Princess from the 1940 version of [The Thief of Bagdad.] Originated the fanon name "Yassamin" for the originally nameless Princess.

Current projects

  • Finished the third and final part of the Devilry trilogy of queer het/poly hard BDSM novels, half fanfiction based on the 1941 Conrad Veidt film A Woman's Face (link contains spoilers), half original fiction.

Selected Fanart