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Name: Executrix
Type: writing
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Firefly, Lord Peter Wimsey
URL: AO3, Livejournal
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Executrix is a fan writer, working in Blake's 7 and Firefly. She is best known and admired for her witty fics, which are often pastiches of other popular (or more obscure) genres or works, such as the Austen canon or 'Cabaret'.

Executrix specialises in setting her source property in other times and places. Rather than localising it, this universalises it; Blake belongs as much in the university protest culture of the 1960s as he does in his own futuristic time. For anyone alive then (guilty, m'lud) this is an evocative, nostalgic fic; for those not around at the time it's a bit of a political education. And a very good read. To quote Una McCormack; "This is a superb piece of politically critical fiction; it could only exist as fanfiction, and is all the better for it. Anyone claiming that fanfiction cannot be as good as profiction should be forced to read this story until they understand the point." [1]

While reccing one of her stories, LJ user grumpoldusenaut commented "Executrix's take on the characters is wildly different from most people's, yet still manages to convince while you're reading the story."[2] Other unconventional views include the idea that Blake's 7 character Kerr Avon is probably a Beta grade, rather than an Alpha (or Alpha Elite)[3].

Although she embraces a wide variety of pairings (often for comic effect), around half of her Blake's 7 fics contain the pairing Blake/Avon. However, while she thus considers herself a B/A shipper, Executrix has also called herself an "anti shipper", saying of the pairing "I’m damn sure they’re doing it. I just wish they wouldn’t".[4]

Executrix was the first reccer for Blake's 7 works on Crack Van and wrote their fandom overview for that fandom. She also wrote the Blake/Avon Ship Manifesto.

She wrote the essay Drowning in Waving.

Example Fanworks


She has also been published in the following zines: TTBA, Tales from Space City, I, Mutoid, Fire and Ice, Trooper Orac's Fantastic Plastic Army, BASCon (con zine), Sopron, and Sleer as Folk.

Firefly Fanfic

  • Court/Ship (Inara/Simon, Kaylee/Jayne, Mal/Nandi, based on Jane Austen's Emma)

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