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Title: BASCon
Publisher: BASCon
Date(s): 2002-
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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BASCon was a slash convention held in south San Francisco.

Starting in 2002, the convention began soliciting fan fiction from its members and published them in fanzine. format. Every convention attendee received a complementary copy.

There were no con zines in 2006 or 2007, and possibly 2009, 2010, or 2011.

2002 Issue

BASCon 2002 contains 88 pages and is slash. The subtitle on the cover is: "Spanning the Fandom Bridge" and the dates: November 1–3, 1002. The zine has a handful of color photographs from various shows, but there is no other interior art.

last page of con zine, warnings
2002 convention fanzine
  • At The Turning Of The Year by Lisa Weston (HIGHLANDER) ) (10 pages)
  • Grand Theft Zoo Tram by Alexis Rogers (SIMON & SIMON) (6 pages)
  • Too Dear For My Processing by BCW (Original Fiction) (20 pages)
  • Trigger Happy by Helen Patrick (BLAKE’S 7) (3 pages)
  • Beka’s Men by Kit Mason (Gen) (ANDROMEDA) (18 pages)
  • A Sunday Afternoon by Elizabeth Christopher (HIGHLANDER) (7 pages)
  • A Light Too Brilliant by Birgitt Schuknecht (MAN IN THE IRON MASK) (15 pages)
  • Good Night by Cameo (SMALLVILLE) (8 pages)

2003 Issue

cover of 2003

BASCon 2003 contains 136 pages. All stories are slash unless otherwise noted.

2004 Issue

cover 2004 con zine, art by Snowgrouse
table of contents 2004 zine (click for full size)

BASCon Con Zine 2004 contains 92 pages and was published in 2004. It is the third issue in the series. There is no interior art.

Reactions and Reviews: 2004

I also read the the 'Helen Patrick' B/A in the 2004 BasCon zine (the rest is largely other fandoms, and/or a B/A roleplay that's online (we know my feelings on RP-as-fic already). "Mind Games' (the fic in question) is pretty good, if short and it assumes that Avon is very good at psychoanalysis, which I find unlikely. Good dialogue and sex, though. It deals with prison rape (sigh), BUT also involves rimming, which is massively rare in this fandom (I can't think of another example besides the Enigmatic Blake, though I bet there is at least one other). Fanlore doesn't have a page on rimming, which is a shame, as I wonder whether it was very rare up until the mid 2000s (it is still rare today, admittedly - at least, it seems to be).[1]

2005 Issue

5 x 5: BASCon 2005 Con Zine-Let fanzine was issued in CD format and was included in the registration packets of all attending members.

  • A Year to the Day (Sleepy Hollow) By Cameo
  • Angel Mine (Devil’s Own) By Miranda
  • The Other Side (A-Team) By Cath
  • Faith (Firefly) By Coniyara
  • Honeymoon (A-Team) By Glenda

EDITED by Zenia & Lady J

2006 Issue

There was no con zine that year.

2007 Issue

There was no con zine that year.

2008 Issue

The BASCon 2008 fanzine was issued in CD format and was included in the registration packets of all attending members.

Table of contents

  • Still Life in Black and Grey by Leela (X-Files) Summary: An explosion and subsequent investigation leads to a revelation about Mulder and a change in his relationship with Walter Skinner.
  • I Have A Taste For Thee by Miranda (Kindred) Summary: Julian Luna, Prince of San Francisco has a yearning for one of his Primogens now if only he can lure the one he wants into his bed.
  • Another Chance by Stillrose (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Summary: Another Spike shows up in Sunnydale insisting he has a soul…and that he loves Xander.
  • Double Header by Jane Mailander (When Things Were Rotten) Summary: Renaldo is enlightened about the difference in Robin’s feelings for him versus the other Merry Men.
2008 Bascon convention zine on CD
  • Status Quo by Jenwyn (High School Musical) Summary: Chad takes a hilarious swim up the river denial to a place where he can finally be who he truly is.
  • There’s No Such Thing As Too Pretty by Cameo (Primeval) Summary: Being trapped in a dangerous situation involving a prehistoric aquatic species gives Professor Cutter time to confront Stephen with his real feelings regarding Stephen’s affair with his wife.
  • Swordbrothers by Miranda (V) Summary: Martin requests that his human friend Michael Donovan participate in one of the rituals from before his species became conquerors.

2009 Issue

2010 Issue

2011 Issue


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