Dead Boyfriend of the Week

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Title: Dead Boyfriend of the Week
Publisher: Helen Patrick
Editor(s): Helen Patrick
Date(s): 2004
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
External Links: some fic is now online here & and the whole zine is here
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cover by Spacefall

Dead Boyfriend of the Week is a slash fanzine published in 2004. Cover art by Spacefall. It is a special issue of Tales from Space City.

As of 2010, it seems to have been one of the last two Blake's 7 fanzines published.

From a Flyer

From the editor's call for submissions: "You know how it is when you’re a Starfleet captain. Every week a woman falls in love with you, to prove to the viewers what a manly man you are. And every week something dire happens to her, because we can’t have her actually hanging around in the next exciting episode. Of course, Blake’s 7 had to be different.

The hero didn’t pick up girls in the first place, and they cheerfully killed off any guest character. Including the hero. Twice. “Dead Boyfriend of the Week” is an evil idea I got back when I was writing the Blake/Bellfriar story and contemplating an Avon/Farren. Subverting the dead girlfriend of the week syndrome seems to me to be entirely in keeping with the B7 ethos of trashing Trek’s Pylene 50 future :-> And there are so many potential candidates, starting with Bran Foster and finishing with Blake himself.

Both m/m and f/f welcome. Judith has been twisting my arm to allow het as well, but it had better be something that puts two fingers up at traditional dead girlfriend of the week. All ratings for fiction as long as there is at least someone thinking about sex/romance (and it doesn’t actually squick me and/or a majority of the likely buying public), art is the usual “such as not to cause consternation on the public omnibus”. Canonical characters, but feel free to go AU, including HEXing episodes. “Subverting” includes not killing them off in time for the next episode." [1]


  • Editorial
  • Speak To Me -- Hafren
  • A Trilogy: -- Hafren
    • Through New Eyes
    • Man-Made
    • The Teacher
  • Don't You Want Me, Baby? -- Dormouse
  • No Longer Celia -- Hafren
  • Tying Up Loose Ends -- Helen Patrick


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