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Name: Pink Dormouse
Alias(es): pinkdormouse, Dormouse
Type: fanwriter, meta writer, reccer
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Buffyverse, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Star Wars (Original Trilogy), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, original fiction
Communities: b7friday, Crack Van
URL: livejournal account
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Pink Dormouse is a fan who wrote fanfiction for many fandoms, as well as original fiction. She was active in Blake's 7 fandom in 2000s, on livejournal and on Freedom City. Her fiction is noted by the interest in queer politics and queer culture; she, by her own admission, didn't feel connection with a lot of more "typical" slash and was a proponent of gayfic:

I think that the biggest problem is that I tend to define gayfic as 'that which feels real to me' and slash as 'in which characters act unlike persons of my acquaintance' which is a pretty crap definition as far as the rest of the world is concerned.

In general I think I'm looking for stories that make up for the deficiency in GLBT characters in most media and what I'm finding is characters that for the most part bear no resemblance to what I'm hoping to find and in some cases don't match up to the canonical characters either.

And, of course I know quite few slash writers who openly state that they *don't* want their characters to match up to Real Gay People (TM) or Real Gay People's lives, which saddens me in a way. [1]


Pinkdormouse's fiction is often written in series of stories with multiple sequels and prequels, set in their own universes (for example, The Surreality Universe, Mexico Sucks universe etc.)

Blake's 7

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

  • Mexico Sucks - "Sands in Protective Custody. It's bound to go horribly wrong..."
  • Toronto, January 1994 - "Movie prequel, set in the 'Mexico Sucks' universe. Sands from a stranger's point of view. No sex, some drug use."

Original Fiction

  • Visions of the Woman, Part 1 - "A story I wrote in Edinburgh. Works on its own but further parts may emerge from the same source at some point. The music on the jukebox dates it a bit."
  • Trust is Only Dangerous - from The Administration Universe, the dystopian near-future world created by Manna





  1. ^ That slash vs gayfic debate