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Synonyms: slash
See also: Slash vs. Gay, WNGWJLEO, issuefic
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Gayfic is an older term for slash stories that portrayed characters as part of modern gay (sub)culture.[1] This term was in contrast to the prevailing idea in slashdom at the time of We're Not Gay; We Just Love Each Other, which has since been criticized as homophobic.

Other definitions are also in circulation. For example, "a fic that revolves around characters who are actually gay in canon." [2]

Examples of usage:

  • "Gayfic erotic writers are often strongly interested in physical description. Slash erotic writers are often strongly interested in the emotional aspects of the relationship. Gayfic writers often write about gay male culture. Slash writers rarely do."[3]
  • "Talia/Ivanova is a really interesting case. I would say it was exactly on the border between slash and gayfic (gayfic is where the characters are actually involved onscreen, eg if someone were to write Willow/Tara or Stuart Alan Jones/anyone in QaF except Vince). Faith & Buffy is also in that area."[4]


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