Jo Ann McCoy

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Name: Jo Ann McCoy
Type: Zine editor, congoer
Fandoms: Blake's 7, The X-Files, Forever Knight, Wiseguy, Lost Boys, Star Wars, etc.
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Jo Ann McCoy was a zine ed and publisher who ran Maverick Press.

Jo Ann passed away in December 2021.


Jo Ann has been publishing a multi-media slash zine--Dark Fantasies 1,2,3,4, & 5--since 1991 and before that she did a one shot Blakes 7 zine. She's recently expanded a bit on her publishing to include two issues of X-Plicit Fantasies, slash XF zines. She has done a Forever Knight slash zine, 4 B7 zines -- one het, one gen, one slash, and one adult/slash novel. She's done one Wiseguy novel, a Lost Boys novel, and does reprints of Elusive Lover, a Star Wars slash zine. She published Nancy's net stories in zine form in M/K Ultra.

In short, Jo Ann has been one busy Zine publisher! She's been reading zines and attending fan convensions since about 1980, so many of you may have already met her or read one of her many excellent publications.[1]