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You may be looking for Ultra, a slash Blake's 7 zine.

Title: M/K Ultra
Publisher: Maverick Press
Date(s): 1998 (the editorial was dated January, an ad said it would be published in May)
Medium: print
Fandom: X-Files
Language: English
External Links: M/K ULTRA FLYER, Archived version
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M/K Ultra was published in 1998. It is a 106-page Mulder/Krycek slash anthology featuring stories from the net by Sugar Rush. Poetry by Cody Nelson. Artwork by Cody Nelson & Randym.

Link to online flyer with some story summaries and excerpts: M/K ULTRA FLYER, Archived version

From the online flyer: "TRUTH IN ADVERTISING: The stories in this zine - but not the poetry and artwork - have all been previously published on the Internet. They have been substantially revised and expanded for print publication.

PUBLICATION DATE: May 22, 1998, Memorial Day Weekend. Will debut at MediaWestCon 18.

OBLIGATORY WARNING: This is an adult X-Files zine with explicit depictions of m/m sex. Not for sale to anyone under the age of 18. AGE STATEMENT REQUIRED."

Some Song Lyrics

Two song lyrics by Sarah McLachlan are included and credited.


A very brief word, I promise! I'm sure you want to get to the juicy stuff asap, and who can blame you??

Well, as one of those '60's rock icons used to sing, what a long, strange trip it's been. Only a few short months ago I was an unsuspecting die-hard 'shipper. The very notion of slash got my 'squick' reflex flexing something awful. And then I went to MountainMedia Con...

And something really weird came over me -- maybe it was that Colorado mountain air, but next thing I knew, I was subscribed to three different slash mailing lists, and I'd posted my first Mulder/Krycek slash story. The feedback started rolling in, and that was it. One more shipper corrupted to the other side.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. In fact, I still consider myself a shipper as well as a slasher, although some might say the two are inherently incompatible. Oh, well. I've always gone against the grain.

Truth in advertising: all stories -- but not the poetry and artwork -- contained in this zine have been previously published on the Internet. The versions published here, how ever, have been substantially revised and expanded.

Last but not least: heartfelt thanks to Leigh, Cody, Carol, Margaret, Ria, Anna, Maria, Tina and all the wonderful denizens of the Mulder/Krycek Romantics Association. Your support and encouragement have brought me so far. And special thanks to JoAnn, for helping these stories see print publication.

And to Don, for everything. Love forever. And now, on to the stories!!

January 22, 1998

P.S. -- If you're on the Internet, feedback may be addressed to: [email address redacted]


Angel Series:

  • Angel -- Sugar Rush's first slash story. "Six Stories In Search of a Novella - On the verge of a breakdown in the aftermath of Scully's abduction, Mulder finds solace in his new partner's arms..." (1)
  • After Innocence -- This is a sequel of sorts to "Angel". Yet another PWP scenario involving our two favorite beautiful men. More gratuitous sex, this time with a dash of tenderness to sweeten the mix. (7)
  • Parting Gift -- From the author's notes (online version): "Consider this third in the series begun by Angel and continued in After Innocence. I had no intention of writing a series, but these damn story ideas keep spinning off each other faster than I can write them. Actually, I wrote this one for inclusion in a zine, thinking this would be the last story in the series—and then I suddenly got ideas for two more, and I realized that anyone who'd read the first two would probably skin me alive for skipping ahead to the fourth one without letting you read this one first, so I had to go beg the zine editor to let me have this one back. And she did, gracious lady that she is...(thanks, Jo Ann!)" (12)
  • Chopsticks, poetry by Cody Nelson (20)
  • Room Service -- Yet another sequel to "Angel." Relatively happy ending, for a change... (21)
  • Fair Play -- Rated NC-17 for consensual (?) m/m sex. (33)
  • Intersections -- Last part of the series. (43)

Alternate Realities:

  • Demon Poetry -- What if Mulder and Krycek had met when Mulder was still at Oxford? (02 Oct 1997) (58)
  • Wishes—A Christmas Tale -- Mulder receives a not-so-unwelcome visitation on the night before Christmas. (12 Dec 1997) (70)
  • A Star In Hell (Playing God crossover) -- Alex Krycek meets Dr. Eugene Sands. X-F/PLAYING GOD crossover. A slightly different version of this story was posted on the M/K list the year before it was archived at the RatB archive. (Actor crossover, Eugene Sands was played by David Duchovny). (77)
  • Haiku by Cody Nelson (106)

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