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You may be looking for M/K Ultra, an X-Files slash anthology.

Title: Ultra
Publisher: Horizon
Editor(s): Susie Carnell
Date(s): March 1998
Medium: print, zine
Size: A5
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Ultra is a adult het Blake's 7 anthology. Despite the "1" on the cover, there is only one issue.

It was published in March 1998 and has 45,500 words. An A5 (digest) adult zine with a red card cover featuring Servalan, stapled on the spine. No art work.

  • The Interlude by Judith Rolls p1-23
  • A Short Tribute To Mr Hill by Brad Black p24-25
  • Laurels & Ashes by Judith Rolls p26-58
  • The Secret Miracle by Pita Enrique Harris p59-91
  • Unholy Alliance by Judith Rolls p92-104

Reactions and Reviews

I usually find Avon about as sexy as cold kippers, so when I opened up this zine and read the first line, my heart sank just a tad. As it turned out, apart from a very short piece from Brad Black, the entire zine was a bit of an Avon-fest. The fact that I enjoyed it immensely says a lot I think about the quality of the writing here.

The Interlude by Judith Rolls p1-23 A/C: Avon goes planet-side for a spot of brothel hopping and bumps into Cally (several times in fact - fnar). Set after RoD this story has an emotionally damaged Avon and a battle weary Cally as its central characters. Both, I thought, were very convincing (Avon wasn't a super stud, Cally didn't faint at the impressive size of his manhood <g>). It's a bit picky but I thought there were several places where the author repeated herself. I enjoyed the rumpy-pumpy and the poignant ending though. -- Cock Count - 4 including a v.nice description of red leather trousers.

A Short Tribute To Mr Hill by Brad Black p24-25 Trav/Ser: Unfortunately I thought the title referred to Grand Prix, so I didn't 'get' this the first time round. It was only when I substituted 'Jimmy' for 'Damon' that the light dawnwed. Basically Space Commander Bubbles gets his revenge on his ever demanding boss. Very short, very amusing, very palette cleansing. -- Cock Count - Nil.

Laurels & Ashes by Judith Rolls p26-58 A/Ser: Avon and Tarrant are forced to fight to the death to save Servalan's life, post Sand. I thought all the characters, including the original ones were very well written and the interplay between them superb. In particular I enjoyed the portrayal of Avon & Soolin. I thought the way their relationship was written, as very practical, very passionate, but entirely loveless, was spot on. The plot zipped along and I loved the action (Avon & Tarrant fight very well together <g>). Unfortunately it reminded me of a Trek plot (but then RL's a bit like that sometimes <g>) -- Cock Count - 1 (but it's a goody)

The Secret Miracle by Pita Enrique Harris p59-91 A/C: I guess this one was the real reason why I brought this zine. Pita's stories on-line were always amongst my favourites and this one didn't disappoint. It starts with one of my favourite lines from Sarcophagus and leaves a bitter-sweet aftertaste. Like other good stories it got me thinking for hours and opened up new possibilities and truths for me. To cap it all even Vila gets to play smart in this one. I thought this story was the best of a good bunch. -- Cock Count - 1.

Unholy Alliance by Judith Rolls p92-104 J/A: Again excellent characterisation, this time with a less embittered second season Avon and Jenna just as sassy as she was in the holding cell on Earth. This story doesn't do Blake any favours though <g>. -- Cock Count - 1 (and it isn't Blakes).

On the whole I'd recommend buying this zine. It isn't pretty but it's cheap (approx 3 quid) and I didn't think there was a dud amongst all the stories here. [1]


  1. by Ellie (with Robert at technical consultant) at Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 site