X-Plicit Fantasies

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Title: X-Plicit Fantasies
Publisher: Maverick Press
Editor(s): Jo Ann McCoy
Date(s): 1997-2003
Medium: print
Fandom: X-Files
Language: English
External Links: X-plicit Fantasies #1 flyer, Archived version
X-plicit Fantasies #2 flyer, Archived version
Maverick Press
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X-Plicit Fantasies is a slash X-Files anthology.

Issue 1

issue #1

X-Plicit Fantasies 1 won a STIFfie as the best X-Files zine of 1997. It contains 162 pages. Limericks by Kamala Roberts and poetry by Gwendolen. Art by Randym. The pairings are Mulder/Krycek and Mulder/Skinner.

One of the art pieces by Randym was nominated for a STIFfie.

X-plicit Fantasies #1 flyer, Archived version

  • Extrophile by Cody Nelson-- "Mulder bent forward to press his mouth against that tender white throat. He tasted the pulse of Krycek's life under his lips, mouthing the soft skin. At the same time, he reached down to pull up Krycek's shirt, running his hand up the firm ribcage until he found the sensitive nubs of his nipples." (1)
  • Secret by Kitty Fisher -- "He listened to the sound of a door opening and closing, and groaned silently. Not again, surely not this soon, it was too much. He found that breathing was difficult. Fear, icy as a winter's night, drowned the little warmth in his veins." Winner of the 1997 STIFfie Best Short X-Files Story. (22)
  • Limericks by Kamala Roberts (28)
  • Linked by Alex Jones and Elessar -- "Cold, empty, dark, and alone. Always alone. All he'd done, all the trouble he'd gotten himself into, all the things he'd let them do to him, and it was all for naught. He was alone again and would die alone. No one cared...no one had ever cared and now no one would ever care...." (29)
  • Beyond Forgiveness, poem by Gwendolen (62)
  • Choices by Brenda Antrim --"The Consortium was backed against the wall. It was time to rip out the weed in the middle of their particular shady garden. Time to kill Mulder. He even had the right tool." (63)
  • Limericks by Kamala Roberts (69)
  • Avatar by Elizabeth Holden -- "Divorce is an ugly word. Sitting at the bar in the lounge of the Ambassador Hotel, Walter Skinner, Assistant Director in the F.B.I., stared at the scotch in his glass, wondering why his life had taken this turn. Wondering how." (70)
  • Unfinished Business by Katy Deery -- "Pacing along the alley, tense with nervous expectation, Mulder wondered what the hell he was doing here. The message was either a trap or the real thing. The promise of information about his sister was something that could have been used by anyone." (84)
  • Protecting, poem by Gwendolen (93)
  • The Price by Katy Deery -- "He struggled, only to be pushed roughly against the brickwork, his head coming into sharp contact with the hard, gritty surface. His assailant had the element of surprise on his side and was using it to full advantage. It was also apparent that whoever this man was, he was no ordinary street punk, not with these moves." (94)
  • Fate, poem by Gwendolen (119)
  • Another Life by Spookette -- "‘Krycek,' he ground out. ‘What the fuck are you doing here?" ‘What do you mean? I live here. Fox, stop it. You're choking me.'" (120)
  • The Colour of Hope, poem by Gwnedolen (145)
  • Regrets by Gwendolen -- "The body in his arms was warm and pliant, and the soft lips on his throat just knew where to touch and kiss. Fox Mulder sighed with pleasure when those lips found a particularly sensitive spot, gave some attention and then moved on." (146)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

See reactions and reviews for Secret.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2
flyer seeking submissions for issue #2

X-Plicit Fantasies 2 was published in 1998 and contains 176 pages. Limericks from Kamala Roberts and SpookyH. Captioned photos by Kal Romine. All art is by Randym.

X-plicit Fantasies #2 flyer, Archived version

  • Restitution by Cody Nelson - Krycek had been messing with his head. He'd known how badly it would shake Mulder, to be kissed by his worst enemy. Or maybe it truly was some sort of misguided goodwill gesture. (Mulder/Krycek) (1)
  • Limericks by Kamala Roberts (27)
  • Random Chance by Elessar (Another story in the "Chances" universe) The man behind the large desk sighed as he hung up the phone. 'Damn, damn, damn! That means that I don't get out of here until Friday morning,' he thought to himself. 'Fucking bureaucrats and their fucking meetings!' This wasn't going to make Fox happy. 'Hell, it doesn't make me happy either!' (Mulder/Skinner) (28)
  • captioned photo by Kal Romaine (34)
  • Limericks by Kamala Roberts (34)
  • A Meeting of Minds by Kal Romine - Oh, boy. Talk about embarrassing. No, Mulder, let's just keep it together, okay? This fat little bureaucrat can't keep yammering for more than...half an hour or so...you can survive for half an hour.... (Mulder/Skinner) (35)
  • Limericks by SpookyH (38)
  • Drink To Me Only by Jane Symons - "Are those the only kinds of magazines you have in stock?" he asked her. "This is a sperm bank, Mr. Wittaker, not a public library." Krycek felt his testicles shrivel up a little bit more. "Well, it's just that - they're not much help to me." (Mulder/Krycek) (The story was nominated for a STIFfie.) (39)
  • art by Randym (67)
  • captioned photo by Kal Romaine (67)
  • limericks by SpookyH (68)
  • Nothing So Sweet by Lindsey J. Shelton - "And one more makes seven." Skinner sat down, waving Kimberly out of his office, realizing she was going query him about the package in a moment if his face had gone as pale as he suspected. His mind went numb with shock. (Mulder/Skinner) (68)
  • captioned photo by Kal Romaine (114)
  • Reunion by Travis B. - He was feeling so good for a change that his personal radar wasn't functioning. When the key seemed to stick in his lock, he actually stooped to check the lock, rather than instantly assuming the worst and reaching for his gun. By the time he heard the soft moment of air and started to turn, it was too late. He caught a glimpse of a black - clad figure and then darkness descended. (Mulder/Krycek) (115)
  • art by Randym (121)
  • limericks by SpookyH (121)
  • Unknown Self by Elessar - "Damn, damn him all to hell." Assistant Director Walter Skinner was furious with Special Agent Fox Mulder. He sat at his desk and contemplated Mulder's report about the tampered cable TV signals. (Mulder/Skinner) (122)
  • limericks by Kamala Roberts (131)
  • The Voice by Palinurus (Mulder/Skinner) (Written November 1997; posted online June 25, 1999. " In the car, he was almost overcome by exhaustion. He needed to sleep. His eyes felt gritty and wouldn't focus; he head a headache, his throat hurt. He wanted to sleep. But he knew he couldn't sleep, couldn't calm down, couldn't stop the gears grinding. Another endless night awaited him.") (132)
  • Guardian by Sugar Rush - He heard something move behind him and would've shot to his feet if there wasn't a hand already on his shoulder, pushing him back down in his seat, sliding to his throat, tightening there until he finally stopped resisting. (The story was nominated for a STIFfie in 1998.) (Mulder/Krycek) (136)
  • art by Randym (165)
  • limericks by Kamala Roberts (165)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[Guardian]: ...a fascinating start that settles down into a tale of betrayal and deception, but manages a slightly 'shaky' romance as well.[1]

Issue 3

cover of issue 3

X-Plicit Fantasies 3 was published in 1999 and is 158 pages long. The zine has only black and white screenshots and publicity photos as interior illustration.

dedication page
editorial page, address redacted
The editorial:


Welcome to another edition of "X-Plicit Fantasies!"

Once again it is my privilege to publish some outstanding stories from the X-Files universe. I hope everyone enjoys reading them as much as I did. The stories vary from light hearted to bleak. There is a mix of pairings, including Mulder/Krycek, Mulder/Skinner, and Skinner/Krycek. Perhaps there will be a little something for everyone's taste.

I would like to thank the contributors for their understanding. It has taken more than a year for all the stories to be finished. So I send my heart felt thanks to those writers who sent their stories a looong time ago and waited so patiently to see them in print.

As always, we would love to hear from the reader. Without the reader, this would be a very thankless task for both the writers and me. E-mail or snail mail — let us know what you liked, and what you hated about this zine. We can learn a great deal from our mistakes, but it's very gratifying to hear that we've done something right. Either way, let us know.

I would like to dedicate this zine to my good friend and X-File buddy, Carol. Thanks for all your help and encouragement, Carol.
  • The Lateness Of The Hour by Cody Nelson (Mulder/Krycek) ("But oh, god, he did not want to move. Because Fox Mulder was curled up behind him, the length of his lean, strong body pressed into Krycek's back, arm wrapped around his waist, with an elbow pressing into his belly and two fingers curled tantalizingly close to his left nipple, and warm breath tickling his ear. And this was only the second time he'd ever lain with Mulder, hazy and content in the afterglow of sex, and while twice was so much sweeter and more wondrous than once, he was still "wary of it, still half-expecting Mulder to turn angry and cold and order him out of his bed and out of his life, sneering at him, voice heavy with hatred, saying, No, I don't want you. I lied, this is betrayal, how do you like it? The feel of Mulder, flesh and skin and the soft fuzzy hairs of his chest and groin, the sinew of arm and thigh and shoulder - it was magic, and Krycek did not want to break the contact, did not want to move away from Mulder, for fear that the spell would be broken and he would never feel it again.") (1)
  • Pride Doth Go by Jill (Mulder/Skinner) (""You can't... you can't leave me out here, Tm gonna freeze to death ..." "Just think warm thoughts." Mulder watched with a disapproving eye as Walter Skinner, assistant director of the FBI, manhandled the prisoner. Not that he had any right to disapprove, really. For the past few hours he'd beaten that same prisoner himself every chance he got It was, in all honesty, the reason Mulder didn't want Skinner to touch him like that - he realized what emotions the bearings really masked, and Mulder didn't particularly relish the idea of Skinner feeling that way about the other man.") (21)
  • Faceless Strangers by Serious Moonlight (Mulder/Krycek) ("When Krycek entered the men's room he saw the man standing at the far end of the urinals already relieving himself. Krycek walked over to him, still keeping a respectful distance between them. The man realized he was no longer alone and glanced upwards. Dark eyes met Krycek's, who automatically smiled at the stranger. Inside his chest Krycek's heart was pounding. The dim lighting in the toilet was bright compared with the darkness of the club and he got his first good look at the man he'd followed. The guy was gorgeous!") (25)
  • limericks by Georgette (43)
  • The Grey Hours, poem by Garnet (44)
  • Lullaby by Zen&nancy (Mulder/Krycek) ("Lying naked on the bed, face down, I wait He knows I need this time to lose myself, to forget everything but the anticipation of the knife. I can't tell where my body ends and the bed begins anymore, I've been lying here motionless for so long they've blended together. I feel the air on my ass and the backs of my legs, but most of all on my back, where I'm aching for the touch. The bed shirts as he leans forward and I feel my breath catch in my throat Oh, god, finally, finally... ") (48)
  • Guilty Pleasures by Garnet (Mulder/Krycek) ("I pulled the trigger and watched the old man fall, watched him crumple to the floor, his pills still clutched in his hand. A moment later, I dove out the window and ran for the car where Luis was waiting for me. My back-up, if I didn't do the job right, if I failed. Not that there could have been any way for me to fail.") (49)
  • limerick by Vonnebear (83)
  • Future Tense by Frankie (Mulder/Krycek) (84)
  • Fulfillment, poem by Gwendolen (88)
  • Plastic Concert,poem by Garnet (91)
  • Truth, Lies and In-Between by Garnet (Mulder/Krycek) ("We weren't really partners, not officially anyway, but then I wasn't really an FBI agent when it came down to it. Not that Mulder knew that, though he distrusted me on general principle, especially those first few days. Despite my smooth-faced boyish good nature. My openness. My apparent willingness to believe. It was almost painful to play that part. To pretend that I was innocent, naive. A trifle squeamish even.") (91)
  • The View From Bellville Flats by MJ (Mulder/Skinner) (23 pages). The story is an AU set in Post Civil War Texas. ("1867 brought changes to Bellville Flats, Texas. The spur line from the main railroad was certainly the biggest thing to happen since Bellville Flats was founded, proclaimed the Bellville Gazette (Hank Watson, Editor and Publisher). The hiring of a new sheriff, Brian Pendrell, a small, red-haired Irishman, was of less historic importance, but perhaps of more immediate use in dealing with the cattle war that had been going on outside of town, and with the stagecoach robberies in the county. The death of Eugene Skinner, owner of the Horseshoe 'S' Ranch, was the source of real interest to the town, however, since old Gene Skinner, a bluff, hearty man, quick with a whiskey at the saloon and equally quick with a rifle against the local rustlers, was a matter of local legend. Word was that his nephew was coming from out East to take over old Gene's spread.")
  • Danger, poem by Gwendolen (104)
  • Detour by Andy (Skinner/Krycek) ("Walt really didn't know what had possessed him to stop at a bar at all, let alone this bar. He had better booze at home, the music was irritating, and he couldn't decide who was more bored, the blonde on stage or him. Only inertia kept him in his seat; when the server asked if he wanted another, he shook his head and got to his feet Stupid to have come in here at all; it was too close to Quantico, too easy to be noticed by someone who'd report back on behavior inappropriate for an A.D. His jaw clenched as he considered the various things that were and were not deemed inappropriate within the Macchiavellian world of the Bureau.") (105)
  • If Only, poem by Gwendolen (110)
  • Deliverance by Sylvia (Mulder/Krycek) ("The clean-up squad's main target had obviously been the subterranean laboratory. If Mulder hadn't known beforehand that this research institute was a COW for one of the Consortium's projects, he could only have guessed what the purpose of the compound had been.") (111)
  • Consequences, poem by Gwendolen (115)
  • Longing, poem by Gwendolen (116)
  • Mission, poem by Gwendolen (116)
  • Cuts You Up by Annie Oates (Krycek) (117)
  • Starve by Annie Oates (121)
  • Duty by Garnet (124)
  • NYD by Nicole S. (Mulder/Krycek) (128)
  • Pripizdit by Jen Collins (Mulder/Krycek) ("Krycek remembered the night the roles of teacher/student were reversed. The smoker spent the evening fishing for phrases of Russian. Gleeful at the prospect, he' bought Krycek shot after shot of vodka, asking how to say this and how to say that One term he asked for was how you might indicate a beating involving force just shy of fatal. Pripizdit The smoker mastered it immediately.") (136)
  • limericks by Georgette (158)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

X-Plicit Fantasies 4 was published in 2001 and contains 134 pages.

The editorial:

Dear Readers:

Welcome to the fourth issue of X-Plielt Fantasies. It has been a joy to have the contributions from Sue and Garnet. I admire these writers a great deal and thank them so much for their stories and poetry.

I hope you, the readers, enjoy the stories as much as I did. Do let me and the authors know what you think of the stories and the whole production. If you like what we're doing, tell us or if you think we could improve in some way, let us know that as well.

The fourth issue of X-Plicit Fantasies features the absoiutely stunning art of The Theban Band. Adjectives fail me in describing the art I've been entrusted with for this zine. So my heartfelt thanks to The Theban Band for allowing me to include it in X-Plicit Fantasies Four.
  • Blood of the Lamb" by Sue (1)
  • Breathless (poem) by Garnet (8)
  • One by Garnet (11)
  • Tunguska Sunrise (poem) by Sue (15)
  • Night Visitor by Sue (16)
  • Only Death by Garnet (20)
  • Submission (poem) by Garnet (23)
  • All My Sins Remembered by Garnet. Krycek kidnaps Mulder while he's grieving over the loss of his partner. A bit of non-consensual and a bit of consensual. Takes place just after the events of "Duane Barry," while Scully is missing and Mulder is slowly falling apart. (27)
  • Tunguska Sunset (poem) by Sue (100)
  • Purgatory by Garnet. What else happened when Mulder and Krycek met up in Hong Kong. 4th story in series that includes "Truth, Lies and In-between," "Duty," and "Guilty Pleasures" previously published in X-Plicit Fantasies 3. In this series, Mulder & Krycek had a one-night stand just after the events of "Sleepless" and Krycek later fantasizes about Mulder taking revenge for the murder of his father by surprising him and raping him in a motel bathroom. All else is taken from canon. (101)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, The Theban Band

X-Plicit Fantasies 5 was published in May 2003 and contains 192 pages.

The fic author's preface to the zine:

So, after nine years, the X-Files is finally gone, but, hopefully, not to be forgotten. Hopefully, XF fandom will continue for many years to come—in reruns, stories, art, poetry, zines, websites, and vids, just to name a few—and eventually join the ranks of those other fandoms which have survived the test of time and are still going strong after 20-30 years. I want to believe...

All I know, though, is that I loved the show from Day One, but I didn't actually "discover" XF fandom until just a few years ago. There's several people I can thank for that—Annie, who first mentioned in some off-hand fashion one day that there was M/K fic on the net; Jo Ann, who sold me my first XF zine and printed my first XF story and got me to go back to media cons after a 10+ year hiatus; and Alex Krycek himself, of course, the one and only original occasionally misunderstood sweet as sin bad boy in black leather who stole some of our hearts forever. 1 wouldn't be writing XF stories today without the three of them! And, most likely, this zine wouldn't be in anyone's hot little hands right this minute. Thanks guys!!!

But I feel I must also thank a few others who have offered their support for this "obsession" over the past few years. People like Carol, Connie, Jami, Bemice, Russian Rat, Zen and Nancy just to name a few, and, last but by far not least, Ned & Leny. They've provided encouragement and entertainment through their feedback to my stories and through their own stories and, in the case of Theban Band, clever little pictures which have their own special kind of inspiration.

Still, ever so yummy pics or not, for true inspiration, I must thank the Muse Herself, without which these four stories simply would not exist. If anything you read here pleases you in any way, then she is the source more than me. The original source of inspiration for Chris Carter and the source for all the stories which have poured off the pens and keyboards of XF fans for the last how many years. Without which, I may never have gotten back into fandom at all and without which I might not be able to talk to my Alex these days. And, let me tell you, he's well worth talking to. Even if he does think the stories I write get a bit too smutty for his taste.

So, I do hope you enjoy these four Krycek-centric stories. Two of them are crossover stories (one surprising, even to me) and two are M/K stories. Sorry, there are no Sk/K stories in this batch for those of you who like that particular pairing. Some other zine, some other time, okay? (Same rat time, same rat channel...).

Oh yeah, feedback is most implored, would be most adored, and would get likely get me to wiite more...


  1. ^ a rec at Alison's Jottings