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Recommendation Website
Name: Alison's Jottings
Dates: ? - today
Focus: slash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1, X-Files, The Professionals, Harry Potter, Heroes, Ultraviolet (TV)
URL: (new site) (archived copy, old site) Wayback)

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The site features a vast number of recommendations for Stargate SG-1, X-Files, Ultraviolet, The Professionals, Heroes and Sherlock - most of it slash. Harry Potter listings are now separate - see below.

It is an especially useful resource for someone looking for Mulder/Krycek slash, Daniel friendly Stargate SG-1 recs, Pros slash recs and reviews, and Mohinder/Sylar slash recs. The X-Files section pretty much lists all the M/K classics and everything that was commonly recced and read by X-Files slash fans at the time. In addition to that there are links to archives and other resource pages for Ultraviolet and the Professionals section. The Circuit Archive says about the Pros recs section of Alison's site that it contains extensive and sometimes detailed discussions, reviews, and recommendations of fanfic, including zines and stories that are not available online, and an extensive list of links to online resources.[1]

The Harry Potter hub page at For You Pleasure is the page for Alison's Harry/Draco listings. The listings include Harry/Draco AU stories that are:

1. Non Magical Stories
2. AU or Parallel universe stories where circumstances are very different from the books
3. Magical AU stories that are not based in the canon HP world.

Other Harry/Draco listings are for: Veela, Vampire, Werewolf, Elf/Fairy, Kitty!Harry/Draco, Other Magical Creature; Harry and/or Draco as Quidditch star; Harry and/or Draco in Unusual Career, and a listing for non H/D stories mainly gen and all Harry focused. The Harry/Draco recommendation section is split up into Hogwarts Era and Post Hogwarts recommendations.


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