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Name: Doctor Daniel Jackson
Occupation: Civilian consultant to the SGC, Archaeologist, Linguist, explorer and diplomat
Relationships: Married to Sha're (and then a widower in Season 3).
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Other: Played by actor Michael Shanks
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Daniel Jackson -- civilian consultant to Stargate Command, archeologist and linguist, member (except when he's dead) of the SG-1 team -- is a fan favorite in the show (helped by the fact that his actor has been to years of conventions and is generally outgoing and funny onstage).

He dies a lot in canon[1], and speaks many languages.[2]

Daniel is generally viewed as the fandom's woobie; he gets whumped very very often in fanworks and is known to suffer beautifully. However, certain fans prefer a less-woobiefied, feistier version of Daniel.[3]

Fanon vs Canon

  • "Daniel Jackson: Poor wee orphan child who needs to be cuddled. Well, okay, he's not wee -- he's over six feet and, as someone once memorably described him to me, 'looks like he could crack hazelnuts with his bare hands.' Also he's much too prickly to cuddle." -- Katie M.[4]
  • When SG-1 camps together, Daniel has daily obvious morning wood that he is either oblivious to, or uncaring of. (Is this one Paian's fault?)
  • Daniel loves coffee more than anything else in the universe.
  • FigNewton has done a 20-plus part series of "Canon vs. Fanon", in which she analyses several of the common fandom myths surrounding Daniel, and which actually have any basis in canon.[5]

Relationships in Fanworks


For the first 3 seasons, Daniel had a canonical het relationship -- his wife of a year, Sha're, was kidnapped and invaded by a Goa'uld. Many fans are uncomfortable breaking up loving canonical relationships -- most Daniel slash (and Daniel het with a partner other than Sha're) is set after Sha're is killed in episode 3.10 "Forever In A Day".

In the last few seasons, Daniel was often paired with Vala Mal Doran in het fic.


In slash fanworks, Jack/Daniel is the dominant pairing in the fandom, although Daniel has been paired with other Stargate characters as well. The Pegasus B shared universe features many stories that start out pairing Daniel with Rodney McKay, though Daniel often ends up with Jack again.

OT3, OT4 and Teamfic

tafkar on the Sam/Jack/Daniel OT3:

"Just as Jack is not an entirely good match for Sam or Daniel, because their interests don't match his very well, so Sam and Daniel are not an entirely good match for each other, because they're a little too similar. But, just like a stool will be more stable if it stands on three legs than if it has only two, while D/S, S/J and J/D each have their weaknesses, S/J/D has enough strengths to compensate for those weaknesses. If one starts slipping away, the other two, working together, can pull him or her back."[6]

Example fanwork: The Eurydiceverse by Synecdochic, in which everyone is a little less okay.

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