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Title: Pretense
Publisher: Ashton Press
Date(s): 2002-2016
Medium: print
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
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Pretense is a slash Stargate SG-1 anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Alice "This was a very nice cover. She did an excellent job." [1]

Pretense 1 was published in March 2002 and is 204 pages long.

[from the editorial]:

Welcome to the first, and definitely not the last, issue of Pretense. The zine is chock full of stories about Jack and Daniel... nothing but Jack and Daniel, in fact. Jack and Daniel coming together; Jack and Daniel already together; Jack and Daniel having adventures; Daniel getting whumped (what's a zine without that, I ask you?). But mostly just lots and lots of Jack and Daniel in love. I think a lot of us in this fandom need that right now.

Those of you who know me and know my publications, know that I've been publishing fanzines for something like twenty years now. Fandom has changed a lot over those years and the biggest change has been the proliferation of fan fiction on the internet. One of the hallmarks of online fan fiction I've noticed growing over the last few years is the inclusion of "warnings" and "categorizations" with stories. In all my years of publishing fanzines, it has rarely been standard practice to publish such "warning" unless a story was excessively violent or the like. I do understand that many of you have certain types of stories you don't like to read, however. I have included no warnings on any of the stories in this issue. I will assure you here that there are no stories involving the death of a character and although there is whumping, I don't feel there is any excessive, graphically described violence. If there are stories in the zine that you would have rather seen some kind of warning for, please send me feedback so I can consider everyone's views for the next issue.

I just can't thank my contributors for this issue enough. We went from nothing to a zine in about a month. Unbelievable! And, in this editor's opinion, you have here some of the best slash writers in the fandom. Please write and let them know how much you appreciate their hard work! The only payment a zine writer or artist receives is in the form of your feedback. Most of the authors have provided an email address where you can send feedback online or, if you prefer, you can send your feedback to me at and I will forward your comments. Praise and constructive criticism of all kind is most welcome. Please let us know, too, if you mind your comments being used in future Letter of Comment columns or on our website.
  • Editorial (3)
  • Make Up by Ruffle (4)
  • Happiness by Brenda (7)
  • Basic Training by Puff and Ruffle (11)
  • On A Tangent by Brenda (18)
  • Slaves by Puff and Ruffle (Far from home, on the run, separated from their companions—and a bad case of shared amnesia—leave Jack and Daniel in a bad situation. When they finally regain their memories, will they be able to come to terms with the changes in their relationship? A novella.) (22)
  • Sweet Dreams by Ruffle (53)
  • Change In My Life by Brionhet (The road to true love never did run smooth. Jack and Daniel hit some rough pavement.) (55)
  • Go Fish by Xochiquetzl (Jack. Daniel. Fishing. Beer. Books in peril.) (58)
  • It Never Rains But It Pours by Hapshut (While off-world with another team, Daniel is forced into some unwelcome interaction with the local matriarch. Will his subsequent worries impact on his relationship with Jack? [A different “gen” version of the first part of this story is available on the internet.]) (63)
  • Aschen Night by ELG (After Carter has to leave Faxon behind with the Aschen, Jack muses on all he and his team have lost and all that he and Daniel have found in one another.) (73)
  • Owies by Puff (79)
  • Homecoming by Brenda (Jack comes back from a visit to Washington to a warm welcome…and an archaeologist with a secret.) (81)
  • Unsuspected by PhoenixE (While waiting for help to arrive in the aftermath of a terrible off-world accident Sam learns something about two of her team members she never suspected.) (86)
  • Minnesota by Brenda and ELG (A brush with death for Jack leaves Daniel in need of rest and recuperation. Jack makes sure that vacation comes with a side order of freshly-caught bass and serious TLC.) (93)
  • Payback by Circe (After the events of “Shades of Grey,” Jack and Daniel get drunk and make up, but end up making out as well. (PWP)) (98)
  • The Anniversary by ALF (Daniel finds out just how much Jack cares about him.) (104)
  • Perfect Reproduction by Ankh (This story follows on from the events of season 4 episode, “Double Jeopardy.” When you lose something special can you really get it back? When you're “a robot” is life and love any less real?) (108)
  • Watching Jack by Brenda (111)
  • Tears For The Innocents by babs (Daniel has trouble dealing with the aftermath of a tragic mission. Jack helps him cope.) (113)
  • Give by Puff (Daniel is no longer sure of Jack in the aftermath of “Shades of Gray.” Can Jack regain his trust?) (117)
  • Bliss by Brenda and ELG (After the events of “Seth,” Jack finds he can no longer conceal his true feelings for Daniel. But a very satisfactory close encounter in the showers is interrupted by SG-3, and from then on circumstances seem determined to keep them apart.) (125)
  • The Need To Know by Biblio (Stranded together, Jack and Daniel find themselves upping the ante in their relationship…) (136)
  • Plus Ca Change by Livengoo (Jack and Daniel needed a change. They just weren't sure what kind…) (Another summary: "Jack and Daniel, a bar, a few drinks, a few words that go further than either thought.") (150)
  • Perfect Setting by Circe (When Jack is given the chance to attend a conference of allies against the Goa'uld he must first drink a potion that will reveal to him his “true self.” His self-revelation is as welcome to Daniel as it is surprising to both of them, but when Daniel is kidnapped by an unscrupulous bounty hunter, Jack has to put his faith in the Tok'ra if he hopes to ever see Daniel again. A novella.) (164)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

[Go Fish]: Let me start by saying that I think this has one of the funniest lines that I've read for a long time. I'm talking, of course, about "I Free Willied the damned Phish!"

lol - made me rofl the first time I read it, and makes me lol still, even though I know exactly what's coming. The beauty of the line is that I can so clearly hear Jack saying it. In fact, that's the beauty of the whole story, I can hear Daniel and Jack throughout - their thoughts, banter and even Jack's singing is spot-on.

The first paragraph sets the tone of the story perfectly, Jack's repeated "naked" (or "not naked" at one point) comments had me grinning, and with some very simple lines you'd set the scene. I can see them now, Jack sitting there trying to fish but unable to take his eyes off Daniel, Daniel totally oblivious and in his own little book world.

The dialogue was spot on, from Jack's "Whatcha doin'?" to the sickly sweet endearments <g> to Jack's use of books to get Daniel into bed (logical, sensible move, if you ask me!) is totally in character.

I love a teasing, mischievous Jack, and I especially love a Daniel who fights the teasing, gives as good as he gets and then gives Jack what they both want!

As well as having one of the funniest lines, this story also has one of the warmest, fuzziest paragraphs - the one about "gooey, afterglow Daniel." Awww... the perfect end to a perfect fic. [2]
[Need to Know]: The Need to Know by Biblio – well it’s one of my favorites not only because Biblio graciously accepted my French translation of Peter fucking Piper!!! but also because the story is so sweet and Hot!!! I loved the tent scene, I can so easily imagine them, brow against brow, right hand on each other….hot, hot, hot... [3]
[zine]: Favorite stories:

(1) Slave by Puff and Ruffle: I loved the story line of Jack and Daniel having Amnesia and going about their business. Interesting that Daniel is thrown into the servitude role. (I guess we all love this of our favorite man.)

(2) Perfect setting by Circe: I believe I mentioned in a prior zine review that I love anything by Circe. Daniel kidnapped by the bounty hunter. Delicious. I don't think the bounty hunter knew he would have his hands full with Daniel. [4]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Alice

Pretense 2 was published in April 2002 (149,300 words) and is 214 pages. Full color cover by Alice. Interior artwork by Corinna, Amy and Leah Rosenthal.

[from the editorial]: Well, here we are, a month later and another zine ready to go! I think every zine editor/publisher out there knows what I mean when I say having this many submissions is truly a dream come true. It is

a testament to how much the fan writers in Stargate love to explore the always interesting relationships between Jack and Daniel. The zine is once again full of stories about Jack and Daniel coming together and falling in love...

A I did in the last issue, I will reiterate that in all my years of publishing fanzines, it has rarely been standard practice to publish "warnings" with a story unless it was excessively violent or the like. I do understand that many of you have certain types of stories you don't like to read, however. there is one story this issue with a warning regarding rape. I will assure you here that there are no stories involving the death of a character and although there is whumping, I don't feel there is any excessive, graphically described violence. If there are other stories in the zine that you would have rather seen some kind of warning for, please send me feedback so I can consider everyone's views for the next issue. .
  • Editorial (3)
  • A Different Fire by Brenda and ELG: The events of “Into the Fire” leave Daniel having nightmares about his failed attempt to save Jack from Hathor, and Jack concealing more than friendly feelings behind a mask of indifference. Misunderstandings on both sides lead to an impasse and when Daniel agrees to spend the evening with another man, Jack seems to have lost him forever. (4)
  • Moonlight and Understanding by Blossom: Jealousy and moonlight lead to some realizations and new understanding of life, truth and love between Jack and Daniel. (18)
  • Skin Deep by Ruffle (29)
  • Comfort by Circe: Jack and Daniel are trapped in a confined space and begin to discuss how much they both miss the comforts of touch. Talking leads to experimenting. (PWP) (36)
  • Campfire Musings by Nancy: Jack tries to find out what is troubling Daniel, with interesting consequences. (Previously posted on a small internet list; not archived on the web.) (43)
  • In from the Rain by Brenda (55)
  • Prior Claim by Circe: Daniel is determined to conceal what Chaka really did to him on P3X-888 from Jack but Jack is a better detective than Daniel bargains for. [Pre-Slash, Daniel/Other non-con.] (58)
  • Protective Coloration by Graculus: Jack has spent years trying to hide from himself and his feelings. Daniel isn’t quite so easy to fool…or to hide from. (65)
  • Hellfire by Brenda and ELG: Before setting off for Netu Jack tries to warn Daniel about possible dangers. Discussion turns to demonstration, which leads to confession. (75)
  • All is Bright by Puff and Ruffle: Jack figures he has found the perfect Christmas gift in a certain archeologist. (83)
  • Thank You, and Goodbye by elfin: An alternative ending for Meridian…and a new beginning for Jack and Daniel. (89)
  • Submission by Penelope: When SG1 are convicted of blasphemy, they can be saved only if one of them is prepared to undergo a ritual of submission to the local King. Daniel volunteers, but does Jack's solution to the problem make things better or worse for Daniel? A novella. (93)
  • Fashion Statement by Ruffle: Daniel. Jack’s leather jacket. (121)
  • Plus C’est La Meme Chose by Livengoo: The morning after leaves Daniel and Jack trying to adjust to the new element in their relationship. A sequel to “Plus Ca Change” in Pretense #1. (124)
  • Where Would We Be by Brionhet: A sequel to “Change in my Life” from Pretense #1. Daniel comes home. (132)
  • Heart Keeper by Ruffle (136)
  • Shades of Green by Ellison Wonderland: In this novella, Jack and Daniel deal with the fallout from events in Shades of Grey, and encounter a new and subtle enemy. (141)
  • Home Cooking by Circe: Daniel tries to make a meal from leftovers for his homecoming colonel but Jack is more interested in an archaeologist entrée. (PWP) (166)
  • A Walk in the Rain by Quinn: Daniel takes a long walk to sort things out… (170)
  • Memories by Jinx: Jack’s mistreatment during his time as a prisoner in Iraq comes back to haunt his relationship with Daniel. (175)
  • Show Me the Way to Go Home by Brenda: A night out drinking with old Air Force buddies puts Jack at odds with Daniel. (180)
  • Folie A Deux by Biblio: An alien artifact plus Jack and Daniel adds up to…what else? Trouble! Or does it? (192)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[Show Me the Way to Go Home]: Show me the way to go Home by Brenda - For me it’s a sequel to the wonderful New Year’s resolution and as good, I want more !!! I’ve got to admit, I normally like to jump right to the part of a story where Jack and Daniel do the dirty, nasty…but with Brenda’s story, oooh !! it’s great to read from the start to the end. Jack can realistically be a moron sometimes but at least he is smart, Daniel, well, is Daniel. More!!! Brenda, more !!! [5]
[zine]: Favorite piece of hand drawn art:

Page 87 by Leah. Daniel as a Christmas present: Love it. Brings a smile to my face each time I read it.

Favorite photo manipulation:

Page 53 by Amy: Jack/Daniel. Lovely painted portrait. Lovely choice of colors.

Page 123 by Amy: Daniel in leather jacket. He can show up anytime at my house in the baby. Definite drool factor.

Favorite stories:

(1) Prior Claim by Circe: I bought this zine for this piece. I have not found any story by Circe that I haven't enjoyed. Daniel trying to conceal his encounter from Jack, priceless.

(2) Comfort by Circe: I loved this one with Jack and Daniel being stuck in a close confined space together. They seem to enjoy themselves greatly.

(3) Submission by Penelope: Jack doing what he can to make sure that Daniel is not hurt as if a stranger had been with him. I love the first time stories when the two realize their feelings for each other.

(4) Walk in the rain by Quinn: Daniel having to sort out his feelings the best way he can at the moment. Haven't we all. This story was very touching. [6]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Cat's Meow Creative Arts

Pretense 3 was published in May 2002 and contains 233 pages (162,600 words). Full color cover by The Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Interior artwork by Corinna, Amy, Leah Rosenthal and Wilma.

This zine was a 2002 FanQ Winner for Best Stargate Slash Poem: Interplay by Rowan and. Best Stargate Slash Artist: Leah Rosenthal.

[from the editorial]: This is the fourth zine I've put together in the last couple of months, so I hope you'l al bear with me when I say I am completely editorialized out! What more can I say? Well, other than I still love Jack and Daniel, they remain my favorite characters on Stargate SG-1, although I love and admire all of the team members and many of the supporting cast of characters, as well.
hope that you, the reader, will continue to enjoy the special relationship between Jack and Daniel.


No one has complained about my warnings policies in previous issues, but I went ahead and put a few warnings in this time.
  • Editorial (3)
  • Parking by Ruffle (4)
  • Stronger by elfin: Who is stronger? Jack or Daniel? And just how powerful are words? (A post-Meridian story.) (6)
  • A Small Dose of Courage by babs: A mistake on a mission has Daniel doubting his ability to remain on SG-1. Jack helps him through his crisis of doubt. (9)
  • Yellowstone by Circe: A novella set in the great outdoors. Daniel is persuaded against his better judgment to go on vacation to Yellowstone National Park, where he finds himself at the mercy of a grizzly bear, a river, and a very masterful Jack O'Neill. (15)
  • Up and Down by Ruffle (15)
  • Confessions by Shannon (38)
  • Points of Authority by Deborah Louise Gough: A short tag to Shades of Gray: When Daniel is attacked in the SGC showers, it forces him and Jack to admit to their feelings. (42)
  • Friday Night In by Seanchaidh: The next step of a relationship: compromise and patience. Sequel to Our First Night. (51)
  • The Waiting by Meridian: While waiting for Daniel to regain consciousness, Jack begins to realize that what he feels for his friend is much more than mere friendship…but does he have the courage to act on those feelings and change his entire life? A novella about Jack and Daniel coming to terms with each other. (65)
  • Documentary Jack by ELG: After a week recovering from a cold and separated from Daniel, Jack is bored, lonely and *addicted to the Discovery Channel. Luckily, Daniel arrives home in time to get his mind back on more important matters. (92)
  • Rhapsody in Blue by Ruffle: Jack finds that he enjoys dressing his favorite archeologist… (101)
  • I’m Stuck With You by Wilma: Jack. Daniel. Freezing cold. It’s amazing how a little ice cream can actually warm things up… (107)
  • Conjunctions by Catspaw: Can Jack risk taking a chance that Daniel feels the same way he does? (107)
  • Paradise by Puff and Ruffle: In this novella, a tropical paradise could prove deadly when Jack and Daniel find themselves prisoners of a primitive culture and Daniel condemned as a sacrifice. (119)
  • Devotion to Duty by Pough: At a crossroad in their relationship, who will have the answers? (144)
  • Grogan Gets Shot Again by Ellison Wonderland: Daniel takes a little unscheduled time out from the cadet training exercises (as seen in the episode Proving Ground) to have a little private fun with his favorite colonel. (Note: this story appeared on a small, private mailing list but is not archived on the web.) (157)
  • Advanced Training by Ellison Wonderland: A sequel to “Grogan Gets Shot Again.” A novella wherein off-world war games go desperately wrong and Grogan learns a few things about himself, the war against the Goa’uld, Daniel Jackson and the special relationship Jackson shares with Colonel O’Neill. (161)
  • Raindrops by Geminia: Drastic misunderstandings between Daniel and his teammates unexpectedly lead to a new beginning. (183)
  • Interplay by Rowan (199)
  • Happy Valentine's Day by Ruffle (200)
  • An Oasis of Truth by wimsy: A legacy of despair, a mountain of anger, and an oasis of truth are encountered as a stranded Jack and Daniel struggle to find a way home. Set soon after Absolute Power. (201)
  • Transference by Brenda and ELG: Daniel's brush with death on P3X-888 leaves Jack confused about his own reactions, while Daniel is wondering if their relationship will ever recover its former warmth. A vacation in the Rockies seems like the perfect remedy to repair their friendship, but an unpleasant encounter with the angry toughs from O'Malley’s leads to some surprising revelations. A novella. (215)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

[Raindrops]: My favorite story is Raindrops by Geminia in Pretense 3. I find the image of Daniel going into the shower or waiting for rain before allowing himself to cry upsetting. Every time I read it I want to cry too and to give comfort (if only I could get that lucky). Jack makes it right at the end but I get angry with him for putting Daniel through all that pain in the first place. This story touches me every time I read it. [7]
[Grogan Gets Shot Again]: Grogan gets shot again by Ellison Wonderland – Uhmm !! ok, this is my absolute favorite for one specific reason : Ellison wrote one of my secret JD fantasies, Daniel smelling Jack’s boxers (and swooning too), Jack going commando within the SGC, Daniel keeping his man’s boxers. What can I say ?? I am just a guy and guys love to keep their boyfriend’s boxers close to their heart… [8]
[zine]: Favorite photo manipulation: There are so many in this zine.

(1) Cover by Cat's meow. Love Jack and Daniel at the DHD. I love the colors.

(2) Page 87. (Not sure of artist. Possibly Corinna or Amy) Jack and Daniel. Here again I love it because of the colors

(3) Page 133. (Not sure of artist) Jack and Daniel Sunbathing. Drool factor with this one.

(4) Page 63 by Amy. Jack and Daniel. Here again the colors.

(5) Page 195. Jack and Daniel. Daniel in the blue robe great to show off his eyes.

Favorite drawings:

(1) Page 106 by Wilma. Wilma does great drawings.

(2) Page 117 by Amy. A soft painting of Jack and Daniel. Beautiful.

(3) Page 181 by Leah. Jell-O wrestling match. Very funny.

(4) Page 198 by Wilma. Jack and Daniel asleep.

Favorite stories:

(1) Points of Authority by Deborah Louise Gough.

I bought the zine mainly for this story. Deborah is a great author. Yes I am partial to a little Daniel whumping. What can I say it's that Florence Nightingale effect in me.

(2) Paradise by Puff and Ruffle: Jack and Daniel running from the not so friendly natives. In the long run discovering their feelings for each other. I am also partial to first time stories and this fits that bill.

Before I start with the final zine for this I would like to say that the preparation of the zine is excellent. I love the way the binding is. It is easy to turn the pages and you don't have to worry about the spine when you prop it just to the page you are reading. Also I love the type setting you have chosen to do the zines with. It is not too small. Very easy to read and follow. The double column makes it for an easy read as well. I have had problems with other zines because of the type set. Ashton press is in my top 2 list of producers of my favorite zines. [9]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Cat's Meow Creative Arts

Pretense 4 was published in October 2002 and contains 219 pages (143,232 words) . Full color cover by The Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Artwork by Amy, Corinna, sgtsiler, Kristina, Leah Rosenthal and Wilma.

It was a 2003 FanQ Winner for Best Stargate Slash Story – Just Good Friends by ELG and Best Stargate Slash Artist – Leah Rosenthal.

[from the editorial]: Just a few quick comments this time around. This zine is out a little later than I had hoped, but we've been globetrotting and such. Of course, this is the fourth issue of Pretense in less than a year, so I'd say we're doing okay!

Grateful thanks, as always, to all of my wonderful contributors. Without their lovely Jack and Daniel stories and artwork, there would be no Pretense. I hope that you will all spare a few moments to send them a note of appreciation if you enjoy their work or send me a letter of comment, as in the zine days of old, and I will happily forward it to the contributors.
  • Editorial (4)
  • Hathor Strikes Back by Puff and Ruffle: Hathor returns with a vendetta against Jack and Daniel… (5)
  • Baseball and Bicycles by babs: Jack's ex-wife Sara gives him a special present, and Daniel is there to help him through the emotional aftermath. (25)
  • Everybody Does It by Spaceweeble: Birds do it. Bees do it. Archaeologists twist their ankles in the shower whilst trying to do it, and have to deal with awkward questions from their sarcastic commanding officers later. (32)
  • Deferred Pleasures by Circe: Trapped on a planet and being hunted by Nirrti's Jaffa, Jack and Daniel are forced to take shelter in a freezing cave for the night. An erotic dream of Jack's leads to surprising revelations but any pleasures are going to have to be deferred until they are safely back on Earth. First they have to escape through the heavily-guarded Stargate. (39)
  • Unburdened by Nancy: An off-world accident brings Jack and Daniel closer in more ways than one. (55)
  • Therapy by Penelope: When Daniel is tortured at the hands of Apophis, he turns to Jack to help him recover his equilibrium. (66)
  • Horizontal Hold by Catspaw: Jack wants attention and he wants it now…especially when he’s bored to distraction and the television refuses to work… (82)
  • More Than Fraternal Instincts… by Brenda & ELG: After the events of Maternal Instinct, Jack realizes it isn't just fraternal feelings he has for Daniel. (88)
  • Friends of Old, Relationships of New by Shannon: Jack accompanies Daniel as he reunites with an old childhood friend and they both learn a few things about each other. (A Stargate/FAKE crossover. "For the uninitiated, FAKE is a series of Japanese YAOI mangas (in plain English, slash comic books), and also features in a 60 minute DVD Anime, titled "FAKE", which can be bought from The series spans seven volumes, and is about two New York police detectives Dee Laytner, and his Japanese-American partner. Randy (Ryo) McLane. The two men became partners when Ryo was transferred to the 27th precinct in the first volume, and were instantly attracted to one another. Even with Dee taking every opportunity possible to get Ryo into a lip lock, they didn't actually become lovers until the seventh volume. It's a wonderful, fun series, and I can only hope that I've managed to capture the essence of the two men and their love for one another on these pages."). (96)
  • Bedside Manner by Ai’yn: Jack finds that taking care of a recuperating Daniel tempts him past his ability to resist…but what if Daniel is a willing victim? (108)
  • One Man’s Fantasy by Geminia: All of the elements combine to bring Jack his dream come true…unfortunately, he didn’t count on Daniel’s reaction to his colonel’s favorite “fantasy.” (125)
  • “Mellon” by Ellison Wonderland: What seems like a routine mission turns sinister as Daniel begins to make sense of a translation… (130)
  • Birthday Wishes by Brenda: Jack gets the best birthday surprise! (146)
  • A Little More Bite by Blossom: Daniel gets a lesson in just how far Jack will go to drive him insane…but it’s a lesson he enjoys! (151)
  • You Are Mine by Wilma Hoogland: An unwitting encounter with an old enemy’s legacy, finds SG-1 fighting for Daniel’s life…and Jack fighting increasingly inappropriate feelings towards his friend. (163)
  • Slow by Jae Kayelle: The best things in life take time to build… (184)
  • Just Good Friends by ELG: A shared road trip to Jack’s ex-wife’s wedding leads both Jack and Daniel on an exploration of their friendship. A novella. (191)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

[art]: I love the back cover of Pretense 4 by Sgt Siler. It is such a beautiful picture of Jack and Daniel and I just enjoy looking at it. The warmth in both men's faces and the obvious love and contentment is a joy to behold. [10]
[art]: Favorite photomanip was the back cover of Pretense 4 by Sgt. Siler but I also really liked Pg 219 from Pretense 4 by Cat's Meow. And Amy's manips are always wonderful. Favorite artwork in terms of drawing was Wilma's drawing on pg 87 of Pretense 4. [11]
[zine]: It arrived! [Pretense #4] And it looks incredible! Catspaw mentioned how great it looked, but it's even better than I anticipated! Extremely neat! Now I'm off to read. Thanks Annie! Well done! [12]
[zine]: [Pretense 4] arrived on Friday last - thanks, you've done us proud this time :) This has to be the best presented zine ever! It looks beautiful. [13]
[zine]: I got my copy on Thursday [Pretense #4] which was delightful after a crappy day at work and rain! It is a nice issue as usual and the artwork is exceptionally good. BTW, I only know Leah through her wonderful funny Startoons. [14]
[zine]: I'd just like to let ya know that I got my copy of Pretense 4 in the mail today, thank you :) And congratulations to you and all the other artists and writers who did a fantastic job :) I've read a big chunk of it already! *hugs her copy* [15]
[zine]:My favorite stories were Just Good Friends by ELG and Therapy by Penelope. It was very difficult to narrow it down though, as the stories are all great.

I like the gradual realization in Just Good Friends of both Daniel and Jack of what their feelings were for each other, and it was nice to see Sara again and some sort of resolution between Jack and Sara, which is missing from the series.

I enjoyed the friendship in Therapy, and the idea that Jack would do whatever he could to help Daniel, even as far as having sex with him! It makes a change to see this sort of story, where they don't end up in a sexual relationship. Most other stories end up with that happening. Their surprise at enjoying it, and the thought of them trying to read a post-it note with instructions on was a lovely addition.

A couple of the others I really enjoyed were Deferred Pleasures by Circe and Unburdened by Nancy. I really love first time stories, and I like scenarios that I can see happening. I don't know anyone who hasn't woken up from that type of dream, so I find these believable.

As for art, I narrowed it down to my favorites through the zine, and they are p219 (The Cat's Meow Creative Arts), p34 and p67 and p162 (Wilma) p145 and p190 (Leah Rosenthal). [16]
[zine]: [My favorite story is]: Just Good friends by ELG: first I love it because it is a long story and then I liked the way Jack and Daniel danced around each other and finally found each other. Last February in London during a Q&A session, I asked Michael Shanks whether he thought Jack and Daniel were just friends or were they best friends and with his cunning grin ( and gorgeous too) he kind of skipped the answer because it seemed even for him Jack and Daniel being best friends meant so much more….But Lori, you got it right, it’s one of those real friendships that love could only improve…. [17]
[zine]: I'm reading 'Pretense 4' right now and it's wonderful!! The artwork and pictures are fantastic, especially the black and white on the back cover and the black and white by the same person in I think it's the 3rd story. I really love all 4 'Pretense' zines and I've enjoyed all the stories and the artwork and pictures a lot!!! The covers on all 4 are just incredible and I love looking at them!! The stories are so good that I keep reading them over and over!! The stories and artwork in all these zines are topnotch and I think they are the best zines I own!!! [18]
[zine]: The stories are fantastic and the artwork/pics in there are just fabulous! You did a very good job on putting this zine together - as you have in the past with the other Pretense zines and the gen zines Redemption #1 and Gateway to Eternity.

I'm so looking forward to your announcement that "World Enough and Time" the zine by Biblio is now available. I know it's not available yet - I'm just looking forward to your announcement!

It was difficult to chose a favorite story out of Pretenses #4 but if you held a gun to my head, I would have to say:

Just Good Friends by ELG: It is a very interesting look into Jack's thoughts and feelings. I felt that Jack was "true" that is, I could hear the character in this story. Sometimes you read a story and it just doesn't feel right for the character. But this was right for Jack. If I had a tiny bit of a criticism, it would be that I don't entirely accept that Daniel would be so clueless about the innuendo about the 2. This, however, didn't really detract from my overall enjoyment of the story.

My favorite manipulated pic is the one for Deferred Pleasures (pg 39) - it just really jumped out at me. If I could get a print of this pic alone, I would! I know I'd be plunking down a bid if this was in an auction!

I'm really impressed with the drawing of Apophis on pg 67. It is very well done - I'd be really, really tempted to bid on this pic if it were in an auction.

Overall, I really enjoyed Pretenses #4 - it's a well put together zine! [19]
[zine]: For the people who made Pretense#4 possible:

I think Pretense#4 is a wonderful, warm Jack and Daniel fanzine. I really enjoyed the stories that were a mix of everything this time. Friendship, cuddles, pre- slash and Jack and Danny in an established relationship. I wanna thank all of the wonderful writers for that. Is still love to read about Jack and Daniel.

I love the artwork is this zine as well. The manips were great and the lovely colour pictures made it even better. The front and back cover are wonderful. Not only the pictures, but also the way it was printed. It gave an extra dimension. Very well done Ann.

The last thing I wanna say... I hope we can go on making zines like this for a very long time. Reading these stories makes me miss Daniel a lot, but also makes it a little easier to cope with... Thanks to all of you! [20]
[zine]: Favorite manipulation photos:

Back cover by Sgt. Siler: Jack and Daniel in the water. I love the B & W format that was chosen for this. I don't feel it would have the same impact if it had been in color. Also I love page 49 and page 73 as well by the same individual. Here again the black and white was the way to go for these photos.

Amy. Page 5 and Page 39. On page 5 we have Jack and Daniel with a desert backdrop. Upon closer examination you can even see a cartouche in the sand. Very clever. On page 39 the cover for "Deferred pleasures" I love the celestial look with the blues. Very nice.

Cat's Meow. Page 219. The letter from Jack with Daniel on the side and the figures climbing a dune in the dusk of the evening. Excellent use of browns and earth tones.

Kristina. Page 191. Nude Daniel in center with 6 individual photos of Jack and Daniel together. I just loved looking at this.

Corinna. Page 25. Jack and Daniel. Army greens. Serious expressions on each of their faces. Excellent choice for the cover of "Baseball & Bicycles" story.

Favorite drawings:

Wilma. Page 162. Daniel holding a pole. Very lovely. The pencil brings out the softness of the picture. Page 87. Daniel loving Jack. Beautiful. I love the contrast of the darks and lights the pencil creates.

Leah. Page 31. Page 124. Page 190. When I was first looking over the zine fresh from the mail just flipping through I came first to Jonas reading Daniel's journal (Page 124). I laughed so hard I had to show my niece and read it to her. I love the very naked Daniel and very hot Jack on the descension one on Page 190. And Jack going after the crocodile with Daniel watching his six is just priceless.

Favorite stories:

A large part on the ones I chose are the first time stories.

Deferred pleasures by Circe. I always love seeing Jack and Daniel get out of peril and realize that they mean more to each other than what was realized. The importance of being with each other.

Therapy by Penelope. Daniel's stubbornness is exemplified in this story. He is like a pit bull when it comes to protecting the people he loves and cares about.

You are mine by Wilma Hoogland. Hey what do you know she can write as well as draw. Some great imagery with Chepre (Ra's brother). Great story.

Unburdened by Nancy. Daniel tripping a Goa’uld mine and Jack helping him. Jack realizes the importance of Daniel to him when he thinks he has lost him. Lovely story.

Just good friends by ELG. Here again starting out as good friends and realizing the importance of each other in the long run in this case at Sara's wedding. Jack realizing he did have more than he thought when the trip first started. [21]
[zine]: 1. Favorite story: Just good friends (ELG) Wonderfully written story! It describes Jack in all his depths, his fears, his pain, his soul, his heart ... I love Jack, so I love beautifully written stories that describe Jack just the way I see him. A very moving story!!!

2. Fav piece of hand drawn art: 1. Wilma, page 87 2. Wilma, page 143 3. Leah Rosenthal, page 190

3. Fav photo manipulation: 1. Amy, page 5 2. sgtsiler, back cover [22]

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5, Cat's Meow Creative Arts
back cover of issue #5, Cat's Meow Creative Arts

Pretense 5 was published in May 2003 and contains 190 pages (127,455 words). Full color cover. More cartoons by Leah Rosenthal. Artwork by Wilma, Amy, Sgtsiler, Corinna, J.M. McClure and JDArt.

It was a 2004 FanQ Winner: Best Stargate Slash Zine, Best Stargate Slash Artist – Leah Rosenthal, and Best SG Slash Story – Bittersweet Symphony by Corby.

It was a 2004 Screwz Winner: Best Stargate Slash Zine, Best Stargate Artist – Leah Rosenthal, Best Stargate Story – Bittersweet Symphony by Corby, Best Stargate Novella – Janus by JayEm, Tenaya, Geminia, Seanchaidh & Lea, and Best Stargate Short Story – Confessions by Ankh.

  • Editorial (4)
  • The Undefended Territory by Julie Fortune: Jack and Daniel discover something buried under the ice on PX4-373 that is much more frightening than the Goa’uld… A novella. (5)
  • What a Ride! by Wilma: Jack teaches Daniel how to ride a bicycle. Really! Well, a few other things go on, as well… (31)
  • The Difference by Seanchaidh: When you have all the power in the universe, what is its true worth when you can't defend the ones you love? (38)
  • Past Present by Kiva: In an AU ending and tag to “Past and Present,” events bring the unresolved feelings of Daniel and Jack to a head. (48)
  • Detour by I Wrote This: Daniel needs Jack help to readjust to life at the SGC. A speculative Season 7 piece. (67)
  • Treasure the Moments by babs: A mission away from SG-1 that goes badly wrong forces Daniel to make a choice: run for his feelings or confront them. (72)
  • Beginnings by Shannon: An AU crossover with a Japanese manga series called “FAKE”. Jack and Daniel have been lovers for about a month now, thanks to a cupid by the name of Dee Laytner. A sequel to “Friends of Old, Relationships of New” published in Pretense #4. (81)
  • Fruits of Passion by Seanchaidh: Valentine’s Day is as good a day as any to have some naughty fun. Consensual bondage and abuse of fruit. (89)
  • Bittersweet Symphony by Corby: After giving up the universe, a descended Daniel has to search for new reasons to live. The music of the spheres is still calling to him—will he hear a more basic rhythm closer to his heart? (98)
  • Sunshine by elfin: A post-Abyss Jack and Daniel vignette. (112)
  • Go the Distance by J. M. Griffin: Sometimes there is no rescue—and no going back. Sometimes you just have to go the distance. Warning: rape. (114)
  • Confessions by Ankh: Jack learns a few interesting things about the not so “innocent” Daniel … (122)
  • That Which Denies by JayEm: In this novella, the distance between Daniel and the rest of his team grows ever wider. Daniel becomes isolated in his misery leading to dire consequences that lead them all to reassess where they've been and where they are going as a team, friends, and, in Jack and Daniel’s case, possibly something more. (127)
  • Janus by Quinn, JayEm, Tenaya, Geminia, Seanchaidh, and Lea: In this novella, Daniel fears that nothing will ever be the same with Jack and his teammates after they are separated due to his appendicitis. When he sets out to discover the truth behind Jack’s strange behavior, it could mean death for both himself and Sam! (164)

Issue 6

front cover of issue #6, Cat's Meow Creative Arts
back cover of issue #6, TACS

Pretense 6 was published in May 2004 and contains 255 pages (177,29 words). Full color cover by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Artwork by TACS, Amy, Sgtsiler, Wilma, Leah Rosenthal, Montana, and JDArt.

[from the editorial]: Here we are again and this time we have our biggest issue ever! But can there ever really be enough Jack and Daniel? I think not! So, here you have it. Jack and Daniel as we all remember them best and as they were when so many of us fell in love with them: best friends. And in these pages, falling in love. Ah, fan fiction. A place where we can indulge our fantasies and keep the characters safe and warm ... and maintain their integrity. Enjoy!
  • Editorial (3)
  • A Coming Storm by devra and JoaG: Stranded and injured off-world, Jack and Daniel are forced to battle their emotions while fighting for their lives in a deadly storm. (4)
  • Pleasure Before Pain by Sistine: Jack does something unexpected with Daniel and regrets it until an epiphany after a mission gone wrong finally helps him see the light. A novella full of angst, hurt/comfort and action/adventure. (19)
  • Epiphanies by Nancy: Pre-slash. A failed mission brings unexpected revelations for Jack. (44)
  • Ambush by Julia Justina: After a long day at work, Daniel Jackson just wanted a shower, a meal, and a drink. The man hiding in the shadows had different ideas; he also had a gun. (50)
  • In the Hands of Love by babs: An off-world accident has repercussions for Jack and Daniel's relationship.
  • Moving On by Toshua (73)
  • Sanctuary by Star: After a period of estrangement, Jack and Daniel finally discover why they're so comfortable in each other's spaces. (75)
  • Family Matters by Gigi Sinclair: Jack and Daniel bring home an unexpected souvenir from a planet with a shortage of men. Will it bring them closer together or be their undoing? And what will become of SG-1? (89)
  • Birthday Melodies by Shannon: Another entry in Shannon’s Stargate/FAKE crossover series. Jack searches for the perfect birthday gift for Daniel and finds it in a connection to Daniel’s past. (106)
  • Equal Opportunity by Kiva: Switching bodies during the events of “Holiday,” gives Daniel some ideas. A humorous PWP episode tag.(114)
  • Transcendent by Montana1416: An encounter with people who might be the long lost descendants of the Anasazi Indians leaves more than a lasting impression and becomes a life-changing experience for Jack and Daniel. A nice, long novella wherein Jack and Daniel finally find each other … again. (117)
  • Christmas Party by Julia Justina: A Christmas party, too much to drink and a despondent Daniel … and Jack ends up with a lot to think about. (152)
  • When Love Hurts by Darcy: Daniel has finally told Jack he is bisexual, but the result isn’t what he had hoped for … so Daniel has moved on and found someone else to share his life with. Jack wants to believe Daniel is happy and he wants to be happy for him … but something doesn’t seem quite right. A novella. (156)
  • Remember by Toshua (177)
  • Rules Were Made to Be Broken by Kiva: Jack and Daniel find some interesting ways to “amuse” themselves while waiting for a rescue. A short story with hurt/comfort and gophers. (178)
  • Moon by Kalimyre: After being ribboned so many times, Daniel begins to have precognitive dreams. In helping Daniel to harness this ability, Jack learns something about him that Daniel wanted to keep secret. Will it tear them apart or ultimately, finally, bring them together? A novella. (186)
  • Even Trade by Ionah: Jack and Daniel try to forge a new relationship together after Daniel’s return from ascension, but there are many lies between them. (226)
  • Daniel Does Chocolate by Seanchaidh: Jack gives Daniel a special gift that leads to some seductive fun. An amusing little PWP. (231)
  • Strange Symmetry by J.M. Griffin: Symmetry - Beauty as a result of balance or harmonious arrangement. In the time shortly after his re-entry into the world of the living, Daniel is searching to gain balance in his new life. Through the gate with the SG-1 team once more, he finds things coming together in a way he never would have dreamed possible. (236)

Issue 7

front cover of issue #7, Cat's Meow Creative Arts
back cover of issue #7, K9

Pretense 7 was published in June 2005 and contains 246 pages (169,300 words). Full color cover by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Artwork by Leah Rosenthal, K9, Lizard Spots, Babs, Wilma, Montana and Amy.

It was a 2006 FanQ Winner: Best Stargate Slash Zine and Best Stargate Slash Artist – Leah Rosenthal.

[from the editorial]: Another big issue chockful of Jack and Daniel. This time around, we have a full-length novel as well as several novellas and, of course, lovely short stories to add the spice to the full course meals. The artists have outdone themselves with beautiful hand drawn artwork, cartoons and manips and I've tried to show them all off to their best advantage. I hope that you enjoy! Grateful thanks, as always, to all of my wonderful contributors., some of them are new to our pages this time around - whether old or new, one thing is for certain: without them, there is no fanzine. I hope that you will all spare a few moments to send in a letter of comment on the stories and art in this (or any!) issue.
  • Editorial (3)
  • Rituals of Partnership by J. M. Griffin: An alien ritual has Jack looking at Daniel in a different light. Could it lead to more? (4)
  • Reflected by jdjunkie (13)
  • Zapped by JoaG: Punished for a momentary lapse in complying with alien customs, Jack has to both keep Daniel alive and convince their captors to let them go free. (16)
  • Best Laid Plans by Sistine: Jack has a plan that will help him get Sam off his case and to move on; the problem is, it doesn’t quite go the way he expected. (36)
  • The Pond With Three Fish by Joana Dey: A follow-up to Moebius where Jack and Daniel talk about their future. (45)
  • Home Thoughts from Abroad by Julia Justina: After “Menace”, Daniel leaves the SGC and goes to work on an archaeological dig in Egypt … what he leaves behind and what he finds there changes everything. (48)
  • It Happened One Night by Seanchaidh: Daniel has plans for Jack – plans that he fully expects to put a smile on both men’s faces! (69)
  • The Long and Winding Road by Montana1416: What if the Aschen came to Earth in ships because they didn’t get what they wanted the first time? What if no one remembered the way things used to be? But, of course, some things can never be completely forgotten … A novella length story about Jack and Daniel’s journey back to each other. (76)
  • The Close of Day by babs: While off-world at a celebration honoring a lost colleague and friend, Daniel has time to think about his relationship with Jack. (118)
  • Into the Deep by Ionah: Storms are upon them and only faith can save the day in this novella. (127)
  • Sticks and Stones by Oneofaradia: An inadvertent slip of the tongue sends Jack scrambling for the perfect way to “apologize” to Daniel. (147)
  • No Greater Love by Joana Dey: A night out on the town turns into a nightmare when a bomb shatters the restaurant and leaves Jack buried somewhere under the rubble. (150)
  • Vicissitude by devra: Daniel begins to wonder if everyone has moved on in their lives while he was ascended except for him. (157)
  • Release by ghared: Jack and Daniel have been prisoners of only God knows who for quite some while now and they’re both horny and desperate. Jack is determined not to act like a lab rat, but sooner or later something’s got to give ... (165)
  • Through the Night by Chione, Meret & Qadesh: A novel length follow-up to “The Crystal Skull.” Daniel tries to comes to grips with Nick’s return and departure from his life while Jack struggles with his desire to help his friend. (171)

Issue 8

cover of issue #8, Cat's Meow Creative Arts

Pretense 8 (2007). Full color cover by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Color back cover by Montana. Artwork by K9, Montana, Rosenthal, JDArt, Amy, LizardSpots.

  • Reflections by Sistine: After the events of “Moebius,” Jack and Daniel reflect on what might have been.
  • Jack and Daniels by LadyRa: Jack touches something he shouldn’t and goes on an unexpected journey. Will “his” Daniel be able to bring him home again before it’s too late? (winner of a 2007 FanQ)
  • On Top of the Equine by JoaG: In this nice, long story, the team struggles to free a trapped Daniel before the world comes tumbling down on him.
  • Chapter Two by Tenshinya: After Jack reveals his feelings for Sam, Daniel feels slighted and hurt – but can he deal with old passions and new revelations?
  • Sins of the Flesh by Sistine: A novella. Through the loss of Sha’re and so many things, Jack O’Neill has been there for Daniel – as a friend. But on P2R-993, the locals are convinced Jack and Daniel are lovers … and Daniel may pay the ultimate price for their “sin.”
  • Connecting the Dots by Shoshone: A novella where it’s all about trying to get back to the gate on a planet with hostile ground, vicious wildlife, and no trees.
  • Au Jus by Griffinspark: After the team’s “outing” at O’Malley’s, Jack and Daniel can’t sleep and learn a new appreciation of one another.
  • Between the Lines by devra: Jack has returned to Cheyenne Mountain for a visit, reading “between the lines” of SG-1’s recent mission reports, to check up on the health of his team and, of course, for a special visit with his favorite archeologist.
  • Good Egyptian Daddy by Montana: Daniel thought a handwriting analysis class might come in useful in his work. He never thought he’d end up involved with Pete Shanahan, the NID … and accused of murder! A novella.
  • Momentum by Graculus: Daniel finds himself increasingly in conflict with the military mindset and even the physical release he has found with Jack isn’t enough anymore … ultimately, he feels his only choice is to leave the SGC. Until a mission gone wrong back at the SGC sets into a motion a series of life-changing events for all of the members of SG-1 … A “what-if?” novella.

Issue 9

cover of issue #9

Pretense 9 (2008) and has approximately 90,000 words. Full color cover by Cat’s Meow Creative Arts. Color back cover by Montana. Artwork by Montana, Rosenthal and JDArt. Two color inserts. Short stories, an AU novella and a special novel from Lady Ra.

  • Lost in a Kiss by Ruffle: Jack only wants to be lost in Daniel’s kiss …
  • Confession by Sistine: After a series of stressful events, Jack finally tells Daniel just what he means to him.
  • Stuck in a Moment by VampyrAlex: Daniel and Jack find their way to each other past misunderstandings and survive a mission gone badly wrong …
  • Birchwood Manor by Storyhaus: Jack O’Neill doesn’t trust Robert Kinsey but when he brings Daniel Jackson to Birchwood Manor it looks like he may have brought the answer to the family’s prayers. Has Duke George Hammond been reunited with his long lost grandson at last? An alternate universe novella.
  • Rubbings by Puff and Ruffle: Jack thinks Daniel works too hard – he should spend a little time working on him, instead!
  • Civilians by LadyRa: A novel length alternate universe ending to the episode “Point of View.” What if the AU Sam hadn’t been so willing to let go of Jack? What if Daniel wasn’t willing to let Jack go easily, either?

Issue 10

cover of issue #10

Pretense 10 was published in 2010. It is digest-sized and contains approximately 200 pages. Artwork by The Cat’s Meow Creative Arts and Montana.

Here’s a sampling of what’s in the zine:

  • The Christmas Cabin by Storyhaus: An AU novella. The O'Neill family has a surprise guest for Christmas at their cabin and his unexpected arrival has lifechanging consequences for all of them.
  • Dream Lover by CMO Lauretta: The start of a new series. A pre-slash story about two heterosexual men -- Jack and Daniel -- suddenly discovering they have feelings for one another.
  • The Stuff of Dreams by CMO Lauretta: Jack and Daniel begin to deal with their new feelings for one another.
  • And the Stuff of Nightmares by CMO Lauretta: Things go from bad to worse for Jack and Daniel and their attempts to come to terms with their newfound feelings.
  • Hallucinations by CMO Lauretta: Finally, Jack and Daniel begin to come together ...
  • The One by Storyhaus: An AU novella. Into every generation, "one" is born ... a Slayer, that is! But what happens when a Slayer encounters the Goa'uld?

Issue 11

cover of issue #11

Pretense 11 was published in May 2012. Full color covers. All slash, all Jack/Daniel, all the time! Color cover and back cover. Artwork by Montana. No deathfic. Approximately 196 pages, digest-sized.

  • Schisms by Storyhaus & Quale: Daniel is lost on a mission and only Jack can save him. (nominated for a 2013 FanQ)
  • Monsters by Galaxy: Jack and Daniel try to come to terms with each other and everything that's happened after Gemini. (nominated for a 2013 FanQ)
  • Rainy Days & Mondays by Storyhaus & Quale: In The Changeling, Jack tells T that he knows a resident psychologist who can help him. This AU explains how Jack and Daniel met ... and much more! (nominated for a 2013 FanQ)
  • Destiny by Jan Kent: A mission to the Destiny bring Jack and Daniel together. (nominated for a 2013 FanQ)
  • The Sands of Time by Storyhaus & Quale: After Reese's death, Daniel doesn't feel he belongs at the SGC anymore. He resigns and returns to Egypt where he meets a mysterious stranger who soothes his aching soul. But can he ever really forget the past ... and Jack O'Neill? An AU novella. (nominated for a 2013 FanQ)
  • Long Distance by Natalie McPeak: Jack finds his job in Washington D.C. and the separate from Daniel "difficult" to deal with ... (nominated for a 2013 FanQ)
  • Limited Gene Pool by Storyhaus & Quale: When Daniel is kidnapped by the Lucian Alliance, SG-1 must spring into action. (nominated for a 2013 FanQ)

Issue 12

Pretense 12 was published in May 2016.


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