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Name: Lizardspots
Alias(es): Lizard
Type: fanartist, fanwriter
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Merlin, Stargate: SG-1, Star Trek (2009).
Also: Alex Rider, Alice In Wonderland, Doctor Who, Equus, Good Omens, House M.D., Juxtapose Fantasy, Lord Of The Rings, Original, Peter Pan, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Torchwood, Sherlock Holmes, A Song Of Ice & Fire, Weiß Kreuz, White Collar, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Yami No Matsuei
URL: lizard-spots at DeviantArt
lizardspots at Dreamwidth
lizardspots at LiveJournal
lizardspots at InsaneJournal
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Lizardspots is a prolific multifandom fanartist. She has also written fanfiction in Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean fandom. Her art masterlist includes a total number of 293 artworks as of July 2010,[1] most of them Harry Potter art.

Harry Potter

Lizardspots became involved in the Harry Potter fandom around 2001, when she started writing Harry Potter fanfiction. She was influenced to start creating fanart when she found FictionAlley's ArtisticAlley gallery, and from there the fanart of Marta and Glockgal.

She is known primarily for her Snape and slash art, especially her Snarry pieces.

In 2006, Lizardspots was interviewed by the Sirius Black fansite Immeritus, and discussed much of her fandom history and inspiration.

See Immeritus Interview with Lizardspots



In Merlin fandom she has created several artworks in response to kinkme_merlin prompts, including Trusty Steed and Afterglow, which inspired derryere's Merlin/Arthur story Freedom Hangs Like Heaven.[2] In summer 2009 she participated in the Box of Magic Merlin Big Bang and created an illustration for suaine's story Deluge. Later that year she participated in the camelotsolstice gift exchange with two entries, one of them slash the other femslash.[3] Both her entries later won the Merlin Slash Awards in the categories "Merlin/Arthur: Best Pairing" (Wrapped in Warmth) and "Gwen/Morgana: Best Romantic Situation" (Tending To My Lady's Bath). Her fanart On Edge was a runner-up in the category "Merlin/Arthur: Best Romantic Situation".



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